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DVD-ROM "L'Egypte et les savants" [Egypt and the scientists]

The complete version of some fundamental egyptological works of the 19th century on DVD-ROM, adding the possibility of full text research:
-- Description de l'Egypte
-- Le courrier de l'Egypte
-- La decade egyptienne
-- 200 ordres du jour par Kleber et Menou
-- Denon, Voyage dans la Basse et la Haute Egypte durant les campagnes du General Bonaparte
-- Champollion, Monuments de l'Egypte et de la Nubie
All in all 7 500 pages of texts and 3 000 illustrations!

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According to an e-mail from the publisher Patrick Brunet the DVD-ROM will be presented on the next International Congress of Egyptologists in Cairo in March, 2000 and will then be available for FRF 6000.

Michael Tilgner

The CD-ROM that will accompany the CCER book "Coffin Text Word Index" (by Dirk van der Plas and J.F. Borghouts; $134; see: URL) is not ready yet (publication expected Spring 2000); it will be sent for free to everybody who has already bought the book (which is available now). The CD-ROM will contain:
- the electronic database (which was the basis for the book); this allows for fast search (simple and combined)
- the complete Gardiner-De Buck edition (all pages, prefaces etc.) as published in the past.

Thanks to Alexander Biesbroek for this information.

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