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Februari 1998
1. Horemheb's first wife: concerning the two wives of Horemhab, and the theory of the female role in passing the royal blood (matrilineal succession).
2. AE sport&games: concerning athletic activities (including those of a ritual nature) and boardgames.
3. English Translation Dendera/Edfu?: concerning publications of the texts from the temples of Dendera and Edfu.
4. Empires and Foreign Relations: on what is an Empire, did the Egyptians have one and why; with special attention to relations with Nubia (literature list!).
5. Function of tombs and the ba of Re: on the nature of AE tombs and on whether in the OK, Re is or has a 'ba'.
6. Burials abroad: what happened to Egyptians dying on foreign soil?.
7. Shoes with turned-up noses: where did queen Nutmose get those?
8. Miscellaneous: concerning AE axes (and the markings appearing on them) and the AE composite bow, plus some other - often unanswered - questions.
9. Administrativa: announcements by the moderator, by members (personals or offtopics), by authors and publishers (new books), by institutions (jobs, lectures, etc.).

March 1998
1. Death abroad or by drowning or by fire: continuation of 'Burials abroad'; more examples of unfortunate AEs dying on foreign soil, and about the fate of those who drowned or were consumed by fire.
2. Pyramid Names: how are the names of OK pyramids to be read and rendered?
3. Nubian Relations: continuation of 'Empires and Foreign relations', now totally focussed on Nubia (with an excursion to chronology and the C-Group).
4. Layout of Funerary Chambers: concerning the unique Nebqed Papyrus and other AE depictions of the layout of tombs.
5. Prince Tuthmose and Shoshenq III: facts about prince Tuthmose (the brother of Akhenaten and son of Amenhotep III) and about Shoshenq III (tomb, reign, buildings).
6. Coloured cloths used in rites: about the coloured cloths and about the Morning Rites and the Meret Chest rites in which they appear.
7. Egyptian perception of the Sothic Cycle: about the Sothic Cycle; was it known to the AEs or an invention of the Greek era?
8. Hyksos; their names, titles, religion
9. KV55, Q&As: who was the body in KV55, and what does it mean for the parentage of Tutankhamon.
10. Sandal pair as symbol: did shoes symbolize something, and the symbolisms of treading on something
11. The Jewish Exile community in Egypt: are there material traces of Jewish presence in Egypt after 587 BC unto Roman times?
12. Miscellaneous: on the sticky stuff on coffins/funerary masks, about mummies for sale, concerning composite bows again, and several alas unanswered questions (feel free to reopen the thread!).
13. Administrativa: announcements by the moderator, by members (personals or offtopics), by authors and publishers (new books), by institutions (jobs, lectures, etc.).

April 1998
1. ARCE '98: reports on the Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt, April 24-26, 1998. General overview of the presentations, and two of them in more detail (Osiris scenes + early dynastic objects).
2. Belgian Egyptology: about the state of Egyptology in Belgium, and about the Senhur Project.
3. Clothing and costume: much literature about AE clothing and how it was made.
4. Cultic activities: literature about cultic activities in granaries.
5. Dating Horemhab: about the absolute dating and reign lenght of Horemhab.
6. Sothis and Menophres : continuation of the thread 'Egyptian perception of the Sothic Cycle' of last month; about the ins and outs of Sothis observations and the Era of Menophres.
7. Eclipses and comets: about the 'Repetition of Births', the 'Greatest of Seers' (wr-m33w), lunar and solar eclipses, comets and meteorites, and archaeoastronomy.
8. Gantenbrink: reports on a lecture by Rudolf Gantenbrink, the discoverer of the hidden door/slab in the Great Pyramid, and a statement of RG himself.
9. Garbage: garbage disposal by the Egyptians.
10. Shait and Bat: about the gods Shait and Shai, and about the gods Bat and Hathor.
11. Wepwawet and Sed: about the gods Wepwawet and Sed, and about the name of the Sed Festival.
12. Grasshoppers and locusts: these animals in AE art and literature.
13. Literal Translations I: debates about how to translate AE texts.
14. Literal Translations II: continuation of previous thread, with an excursus to 'Historical Legacy' (compairing the stages of Egyptian history).
15. Panthers and cheetahs: the spotted big cats in AE cults and myths.
16. The Vizier: about the title _T3t.y_ and its meaning.
17. Yale '98: reports on the Middle Kingdom Symposium at Yale, April 3-4, 1998.
18. Some AEL Terms : about the terms _m3`-xrw_ (="vindicated/true of verdict"), _qDm_/_kTm_ (=?), _3x 'pr_/_3x iqr_ (="equipped/excellent spirit"), and _p3w.ty_ (="primeval").
19. Miscellaneous: about wine and pregnancy (FAS), about Empires again (literature), about AE locks, about oral history, about the Dendera Crypt, about Ibn Abd Alhokm (Arabian stories about AE). Mostly unresolved matters/unanswered questions. Can you help?
20. Administrativa: announcements by the moderator, by members (personals or offtopics), by authors and publishers (new books), by institutions (jobs, lectures, etc.).
21 EEF NEWS: issues 1-3; calendar for lectures/exhibitions, website reviews, e.d.

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