Contents EEF Archives Januari - April 2000

Januari 2000
1. Mummies on display: is it ethical to display mummies?
2. Priestly offices: some literature on the organisation of the priesthood.
3. pAnastasi I: what do the Semitic words occuring in this papyrus mean?
4. Measures: mixed debate on measures of lenght.
5. Djoser Complex text: references for the hieratic text in the corridor of the House of the South of the Djoser Complex.
6. Mastheads: Qemny's son In who dedicated a masthead.
7. Births: premature, multiple, umb. cords: on survival of premature babies and mutiple births, and what happened with the umbilical cord and placenta?
8. BD publications: some literature on the Book of the Dead.
9. Persian Shaft Tombs: some basic info on this grave type.
10. EEF NEWS: issues 82-85.
11. Miscellaneous: the Stone of South Saqqara, the Winding Waterway, Egypt 1946 sources, Orion, looms and some other (largely unanswered) questions and unsettled matters, incl. administrativa.

February 2000
1. Insects: literature list on insects in AE.
2. pLansing: info on the Papyrus Lansing (BM 9994).
3. AE mask: regarding the use (or not) of ritual masks in ancient Egypt.
4. Proto-dynastic coffins: some references.
5. God's father: about the "Tomb of the Overseers of Nurses" and the title _it-nTr_.
6. Maya/May: discussing several persons with that name in dyn. 18.
7. Siwa + Pa-canaan: when was the Siwa Oracle founded and did _pA knan_ refer to Palestine or Gaza?
8. EEF NEWS: issues 86-89.
9. Miscellaneous: a variety of (largely unanswered) questions and unsettled matters, plus administrativa.

March 2000
1. Dreams: dreams and dream interpretation in AE.
2. L'Art pour l'Art: did art for art's sake occure in AE?
3. Head supports: about the wooden headrests and about pillows.
4. Wood + Copper: about the handling of old wood and about several matters related to copper (or iron).
5. Dissertations: resources and databases to track down dissertations and theses.
6. Dyn 6 and EB Palestine: on the connections between the two regions in the Early Bronze.
7. EEF NEWS: issues 90-94.
8. Miscellaneous: the Tomb of Maya, Bierbrier's "Historical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt", AE surgery, and a variety of other (largely unanswered) questions and unsettled matters.
9. Administrativa: announcements of events, online projects and products; plus questions of a more personal nature.

April 2000
1. ICE8 Report (I+II): first two parts of a report on the 8th ICE in Cairo, by Federico Rocchi.
2. The Death of Seqenere Tao: debate about the remains of Tao II (was he killed in battle or murdered?) and the Tale of the Quarrel of Apophis and Seqenenre. With at the end an excursus into the use of literary sources for history, king lists and Manetho.
3. The Five Wounds: the "five open wounds" as AE punishment.
4. Fish gods: thread on the tilapia as solar figure, on the so-called "Hyksos fish god" statue, and on fish amulets.
5. Some discovery reports, Spring '00
6. The Way of Horus
7. Dimensions and Measuring Rods: long thread on the size of the Golden Flies, on the lenght of the AE digit, and on AE cubit rods in general.
8. Amarna Archives: why were those letters left behind at Akhetaten?
9. EEF NEWS: issue 95-99.
10. Miscellaneous: Decan stars, Book Review of Sergio Donadoni's "Tebe", the AEB CD-ROM, and a variety of other (largely unanswered) questions and unsettled matters plus Administrativa.

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