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EEF NEWS (1058) 
December 6, 2018 (IV Peret 22)
Contents: (I) New: Lectures and symposiums (II) New: Exhibitions (III) Personals: personal and offtopic calls (IV) Read on the Web: online press reports in electronic newspapers etc. (V) Books and Journals Corner: book announcements, book reviews, journal issues appearing, digitised literature, etc. (VIA) Jobs and Grants: announcements of job openings and fellowships. (VIB) Courses and Trips: classroom & online courses, field schools, and non-commercial tours. (VII) (Multi)media: AE on TV, in Film, in Music, on CD-Rom or DVD (VIII) Websites: announcing, listing or updates of whole (mainstream) websites (IX) Lectures and symposiums on Ancient Egypt USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Vatican City, Egypt, Italy, France, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, China, Czech Republic, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa (X) Exhibitions on Ancient Egypt USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Egypt, Italy, France, Vatican City, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Israel, New Zealand, China Notes: * Sections IX to XII contain the bulk of still current info from earlier issues (these sections are absent from the email version of the newsletter), while sections I to VIII contain new or adjusted information. * Of items marked with #, you can request from me the often longer announcement on which my summary was based. * Items marked with & are topics from earlier issues that linger on a bit (for irregular visitors of this site) or that were already on the EEF forum itself. * The double date in the header above is based on an accurate extrapolation from antiquity of the Ancient Egyptian (AE) Civil Calendar (365 days, wandering through the seasons, not determined by Sothis). * Please send any contributions and additions to: A.K. Eyma * Thanks for this week's events information go to: Lenka Peacock [(I) - UK (q)]; Kat Newkirk [(II) - France (a)]; Michael Tilgner [(II) - France (b)] ========================================================================= +++ (I) NEW: LECTURES AND SYMPOSIUMS --UK-- [update] h) British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA) * Annual Conference BANEA: "Mind the Gap" [new] The deadline for submission of papers (ANE incl. Egypt) has been extended to 14 January 2019 [was: 5 December 2018]. [new] date: 22-24 February 2019 [new] place: University of Liverpool [new] info: email [new] info: URL q) Egyptian Society Taunton * "Recent Work of the Amarna Project at Amarna", by Prof Barry Kemp Followed by Christmas Party. date: Saturday 8th December 2018; 2.00pm start place: The Friends Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4EP costs: £6 for members and £7.50 for non-members. Tickets only - please contact the society to obtain your ticket. Several tickets remaining. info: URL --- For previously listed lectures and conferences, see section IX below. +++ (II) NEW: EXHIBITIONS --ITALY-- m) Palazzo della Loggia Piazza della Loggia 1, 25121 Brescia * "A Modern 'Wonder-room': Egyptian Mummies though History, Science and Technology" date: 12 December 2018 - TBA Exhibition of the results of the research on the mummies of the Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali di Brescia, done by the “Mummy Project Research” ( The opening event on 12 Dec., 12 a.m., has as speakers: Laura Castelletti, Paolo Schirolli, and Sabina Malgora. info: a few past press reports about the research project at URL URL URL --FRANCE-- [update] a) La Grande halle de la Villette 211 avenue Jean Jaurés, 75019 Paris * "Toutankhamon: Le Tresor du Pharaon" [King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh] date: 23 March 2019 - 15 September 2019 [new] info: English press report at URL URL [update] b) Musée de Grenoble 5, place de Lavalette, 38000 Grenoble * "Servir les Dieux d’Egypte. Divines adoratrices, chanteuses et prêtres d'Amon à Thèbes" date: 25 October 2018 - 27 January 2019 [new] info: French press report at URL "(..) L’exposition s’articule en quatre parties destinées à pénétrer peu à peu dans le fonctionnement de la société du temple de Karnak. La première partie, consacrée à la «Thèbes du premier millénaire redécouverte», situe Thèbes au plan géographique, sur la rive est du Nil, le grand fleuve égyptien. La deuxième partie de l’exposition, «D’Amon à Osiris; des prêtres dans la nécropole», place les visiteurs sur la rive ouest du Nil où l’on a découvert des centaines de tombes du clergé masculin et féminin de Karnak, véritable reflet de la société du temps. La troisième partie, «Les prêtres dans le temple d’Amon à Karnak», fait un retour sur la rive est du Nil pour gagner le temple de Karnak, où les prêtres, selon une hiérarchie très organisée, occupaient des fonctions politiques, administratives et économiques de premier plan, soutenues par des activités rituelles autour d’Amon. La dernière partie, intitulée «Des femmes dans le domaine d’Amon», met en lumière, grâce à des études très récentes, le rôle des femmes dans le temple, avec à leur tête les adoratrices du dieu Amon et leurs suivantes, les méconnues «chanteuses d’Amon». (..)" With some photos. --VATICAN CITY-- a) Musei Vaticani URL * "Collezioni in dialogo: Un capolavoro del Museo Egizio di Torino raccontato dai Musei Vaticani" [Collections in dialogue: A masterpiece from the Museo Egizio in Turin recounted by the Vatican Museums] date: 4 December 2018 - 30 June 2019 Exhibition in Sala I, Museo Gregoriano Egizio, of a famous statue of Amenhotep II, on loan from the Museo Egizio in Turin. info: (in English) URL info: URL ---- For previously listed exhibitions, see section X below. ++ (III) PERSONALS AND ADMIN NOTES [As you might guess, a "Personal" is exactly that: unlike with the others sections, entries are not necessarily in accord with the scope (mainstream Egyptology) of EEF. They usually are not in the Website version.] +++ (IV) READ ON THE WEB --NEWSPAPER REPORTS ONLINE--- * Press report: "Middle Kingdom Burial Shaft Discovered by Egyptian Archaeologists in Fayoum" URL "The Egyptian archaeological mission working at Kom El Khelua necropolis in Fayoum directed by Dr. Aiman Ashmawi has discovered during their work started last month, a burial shaft to the east of Prince Waje’s Middle Kingdom tomb. (..) Dr. Aiman Ashmawi said that the shaft leads to 3 burial chambers. The team found in them 40cm-torso of a sandstone statue of a person with his right arm across his chest. The findings include a middle part of basal statue measures 20 cm in height and a number of potteries besides 3 canopic jars covers but the jars themselves are smashed and inside one of them remains of the deceased. Dr. Ashmawi implied that it was probably robbed and reused as a burial in later times. (..)" With MoA photos. [Submitted by Kat Newkirk] * Press report: "Germany's Bundestag approves co-financing Egypt's new Minya museum" URL "The German Bundestag has approved allocating a sum of €10 million to co-finance the furnishing of Minya’s Akhenaten Museum (..)" -- Other English press reports: URL URL [Next five items submitted by Michael Tilgner] * Press report: "Czech Science Foundation will support a new project at the Czech Institute of Egyptology" URL "Czech Science Foundation finished the evaluation of the project proposals submitted in the year 2018. It will support also one new project of the principal investigator based at the Czech Institute of Egyptology. 'Continuity, Discontinuity and Change. Adaptation Strategies of Individuals and Communities in Egypt at Times of Internal and External Transformations' (...) The proposed project aims to study how individuals as well as communities adapt to ongoing political-ideological as well as socio-economic changes and reshape its identity/-ies, by focusing on two distinct periods of ancient Egyptian history: the Amarna age, and the Ptolemaic and Roman period. (..)" * Press report: "Was ein Pharao so unten drunter trägt" URL "(..) Im GEM sollen 50.000 antike Objekte von der Ur- bis zu griechisch-römischen Geschichte auf fünfzehn miteinander verbundenen Galerien gezeigt werden. 'Ein Drittel davon erstmals', sagt der Direktor des Hauses, Tarek Tawfik. Eigentlich sollte es Ende des Jahres soweit sein: 'Wir wollten eine Teileröffnung mit der kompletten Tutanchamun-Sammlung.' Der Blick des Besuchers wandert ungläubig über die riesige Baustelle, an der nichts fertig ist, außer den Restaurierungslabors. Rohre und Kabel hängen aus der Betonfassade, das Gebäude ist teils noch ein Stahlgerippe. (..)" With videos. * Press report: "La Universidad Complutense de Madrid acogerá la próxima semana el VI Congreso Iberoamericano de Egiptología" URL "La Facultad de Geografía e Historia de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) acogerá desde el próximo lunes 3 hasta el miércoles 5 de diciembre el VI Congreso Iberoamericano de Egiptología en el que participarán más de un centenar de conferenciantes de España, Portugal y América Latina. (..)" * Press report: "Primeira missão arqueológica brasileira em tumba egípcia revela estátuas, múmias e sarcófagos" URL "Primeira missão arqueológica brasileira em tumba egípcia revela estátuas e múmias. (..)" With large photos of (work done in) TT123, plus a video. * Press report: "Ende ohne Schrecken" URL "Über den Untergang des antiken Wissensspeichers in Ägypten kursieren viele Legenden. Verbrannten islamische Eroberer die Schriften, zündelte schon Cäsar - oder war es doch ganz anders? (..)" [Submitted by Michael Tilgner] * New additions to a series that started last week: "Depuis le 19 novembre 2018, une équipe de chercheurs relate au jour le jour son expédition scientifique en Egypte avec une série d'articles quotidiennement publiés sur le site de Sciences et Avenir. Voici les "Carnets d'Egypte" " URL -- Press report: "Carnet. 'Pourquoi les artistes ne viennent-ils pas tous ici??'" URL "Les remarquables peintures des tombes égyptiennes de Louxor sont une source d’inspiration pour les artistes contemporains. Rencontre avec deux d’entre eux installés à proximité immédiate du site archéologique pour ce 12e épisode des carnets d’Égypte. (..)" -- Press report: "Carnet. Pourquoi les Egyptiens dessinaient-ils les personnages de profil ?" URL "La représentation égyptienne du corps humain est totalement normée. Elle intègre en un tout visuellement homogène, des jambes séparées et de profil, en marche apparente, des hanches de profil, une poitrine de face distinguant nettement les deux bras, et une tête de profil où un œil unique est pour sa part vu de face. 13e épisode des carnets d’Égypte. (..)" -- Press report: "Carnet. Observer les pratiques artisanales dans les tombes égyptiennes" URL "14e Carnet d'Egypte. Les représentations de scènes artisanales peintes dans les tombes thébaines à Louxor fournissent des renseignements précieux sur les pratiques techniques et sur les gestes mis en œuvre pour fondre de l’or, préparer de l’ébène ou des bijoux, etc. (..)" -- Press report: "Carnet. Au sujet des parfums égyptiens" URL "Pour ce 15e épisode des Carnets d’Egypte, l’étude interdisciplinaire des peintures de quelques tombes de la vallée des Nobles, à Louxor, amène l’équipe à étudier une chapelle funéraire de la fin de la 18ème dynastie. Les textes hiéroglyphiques n’y ont pas été inscrits et le nom de son propriétaire n’est donc pas connu.(...)" -- Press report: "Carnet. Les couleurs de la palette égyptienne" URL "Pour ce 16e épisode des carnets d’Egypte, l’observation de la représentation très inhabituelle d’une palette dans la tombe d’Ipouky et Nebamon à Louxor amène à réfléchir aux objets employés par les artistes et aux concepts qui ont pu présider à leurs choix de peinture. (..)" -- Press report: "Carnet. La langue égyptienne ne connaît pas de mot pour désigner 'l’art'" URL "Les peintures que nous auscultons dans les tombes de la vallée des Nobles à Louxor sont pour nous des œuvres d’art. Mais la langue égyptienne ne connaît pas de mot pour désigner 'l’art' et, si les artisans étaient par ailleurs très demandés et particulièrement bien traités par la couronne et leurs 'clients' privés, peu d’individus sont réellement discernables. 17e et avant-dernier épisode des carnets d’Égypte. (..)" -- Press report: "Carnet. La journée d’une mission scientifique en Egypte" URL "La mission en Egypte se termine, les scientifiques rentrent en France après un séjour inoubliable. Marie Radepont, spécialiste d’analyse chimique des peintures au laboratoire d’archéologie moléculaire et structurale (Sorbonne Université – CNRS)revient sur leur quotidien et se souvient. 18e et dernier épisode des Carnets d’Egypte. (..)" * Some items relating to Egyptomania [submitted by Ingrid van Sprakelaar (3), Kat Newkirk (4), Michael Tilgner (5)(6)(7)]: -- Blog report: "Game Review: Assassin’s Creed – The Curse of the Pharaohs" [video game] URL Review, by Emily Hotton, of the latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise "Origins": “The Curse of the Pharaohs”, featuring the afterlife worlds of Egyptian royals. -- Press report: "8 Photos from Chanel's Ancient Egyptian Fashion Show That Has Pharrell Dressed Like Tut" URL "Chanel's annual Métiers d’Art show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Dendur Temple was an Ancient Egyptian extravaganza. (..)" German press report (also with photos): URL More photos at Chanel's website: URL -- Press report: "Boutique-y Gin launches unwrapped Egyptian mummy-inspired espression" URL "Maverick Drinks brand That Boutique-y Gin Company has launched four new perfume-inspired expressions (..). ]One of the] four new gins (..) [is called] Dead King Gin, (...) [which] combines the scent of freshly unwrapped Egyptian mummies and gin, featuring botanicals traditionally used in the embalming process including rosemary, honey, moss and myrrh. (..)" -- Press report: "NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has finally arrived at asteroid Bennu" URL -- Press report: "Test // Imhotep: Das Duell im Review - Wer ist der größte Pharao am Nil?" [board game] URL "(..) In der neuerschienen Zweispielervariante stehen sich die mindestens zehnjährigen Bauherren für etwa 30 Minuten als Echnaton und Nofretete gegenüber. Ziel ist es, im Verlauf des Spiels möglichst clever die verschiedenen Waren, die über den Nil an die Hafenstadt gelangen, einzusammeln um damit die vier Bauprojekte Obelisk, Pyramide, Grabkammer oder Tempel voranzutreiben. Jeder Bau wird am Ende des Spiels unterschiedlich gewertet, so hängt die Strategie am besten immer von Spielverlauf ab. (...) Imhotep: Das Duell sticht aus der Masse an oft vorhersehbaren und auf Dauer langweiligen Zweispielerspielen heraus." -- Press report: "Die rauchende Hoheit" URL "Die Firma Müller aus Seiffen hat eine neue Räucherfrau auf den Markt gebracht: Nofretete, die altägyptische Königin. Die knapp 30 Zentimeter große Räucherfrau, die aus rund 50 Einzelteilen besteht, ergänzt das Sortiment der Holzkunstmanufaktur, zu dem seit 2015 auch Tutanchamun, der altägyptische König, gehört. (..)" Website of the company: URL -- Press report: "Nike : un voyage en Égypte et des couleurs pour la Kyrie 5" URL "(..) Plus exclusive, une collaboration avec la boutique Concepts t aussi dans les cartons. Une paire beaucoup plus originale encore, puisqu’on retrouve des hiéroglyphes rappelant l’Égypte ancienne et les pyramides sur le talon, avec une tige couleur sable. La semelle violette doit évoquer le coucher du soleil sur les pyramides. Cette Concepts x Kyrie 5 Ikhet est prévue pour le 26 décembre, mais les chances de l’obtenir devraient être limitées." --Follow-ups-- [Submitted by Kat Newkirk] * Press report: "Mummifying a Beetle Is a Lot Easier Than Mummifying a Cat" URL "Mummified cats and a slew of scarabs were recently found in a tomb within the King Userkaf pyramid complex in the Saqqara Necropolis, south of Cairo. (..)" With comments by Dr Salima Ikram who has been reconstructing ancient techniques for animal mummification. [Next two items submitted by Michael Tilgner] * Press report: "Schweiz gibt Ramsch an Ägypten zurück" URL "Ein deutscher Ägyptologe ist sicher: Statt alter Kulturgüter hat die Eidgenossenschaft kürzlich billige Souvenirs dem Botschafter vom Land der Pharaonen zurückgegeben. (...) Christian E. Loeben (56), Kurator der ägyptischen und islamischen Sammlungen am Museum August Kestner in Hannover (D) versteht die Welt nicht mehr: «Bei den 26 angeblich ‹archäologischen Kulturgütern› handelt es sich in 25 Fällen eindeutig um moderne Nachahmungen billigster Machart.» Der renommierte Experte weiter: «Solche Objekte werden in Ägypten an Touristen verkauft und zwar nicht einmal unter dem Vorwand, original altägyptische Stücke zu sein, sondern als ganz billiger Touristenramsch, wobei Alter nicht einmal vorgetäuscht wird: zu offensichtlich ist, dass solche Stücke nicht antik sind, sondern ganz einfache, billigste Souvenirs.» Die Restitution sei deshalb reine Zeit- und Geldverschwendung." (...)" [The 26 items recently returned to Egypt from Switzerland, see EEF NEWS (1056), are mostly tourist-kitsch, says curator Christian E. Loeben.] -- Frech press reports: URL "Des biens archéologiques confisqués devaient être renvoyés par les services de la Confédération. Mais la livraison a révélé une bien mauvaise surprise. (..)" URL "Il y a dix jours, la Suisse a remis 26 objets archéologiques à l’Égypte. Or c’était de la camelote bon marché pour touristes, affirme un expert. (..)" -- Italian press report: URL "I beni archeologici confiscati sono stati restituiti dalla Confederazione. Ma la consegna ha rivelato una brutta sorpresa. (..)" * Press report: "Archäologie aus dem Weltraum" URL "Ein Team des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts in Kairo versucht, die antiken Wasserverläufe [des Nils] zu rekonstruieren. Mithilfe von historischem Kartenmaterial, archäologischen Surveys und Bodenbohrungen sind die Archäologen der antiken Landschaft auf der Spur. Doch bisher ohne Erfolg. Erst eine Kooperation mit dem Deutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt und die Auswertung der TanDEM-X Daten brachten jetzt den Durchbruch! (..)" [For the original press release, see EEF NEWS (1056).] --MISCELLANEOUS-- * New addition to the H-Soz-Kult site: -- "Tagungsbericht: The Walking Dead: The Making of a Cultural Geography, 07.11.2018 – 09.11.2018 Leiden, in: H-Soz-Kult, 01.12.2018" URL [Conference report, by Dr. Lara Weiss, of the ‘The Walking Dead’ expert workshop in Leiden.] * New entries at the blog of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: -- "Ugly Object of the Month — December 2018" (Dec. 4) URL [About a wooden bust of Serapis.] -- "International Kurru Archaeological Project — Fieldwork Friday #1" (Nov. 30) URL [The International Kurru Archaeological Project is back in the field (Nubia).] * New entry at the 'Researchers in Museums' blog of UCL: -- ""Colours of Ancient Egypt – Red", by Anna Pokorska" (Dec. 4) URL * New entry at the "Artifact Lab" blog of Penn Museum: -- "Transformation Tuesday, Stela Edition" (Dec. 4) URL [Slideshow illustrating the various stages in the conservation treatment of a dyn. 11 limestone relief of Deir El-Bahari.] * New entry at the blog (Tumblr) of the Brooklyn Museum: -- "[The Book of the Dead of the Priest Herw papyrus]" (Dec. 1). URL +++ (V) BOOK CORNER --NEW (PAPER) BOOK RELEASES-- * Peter Jánosi, Hana Vymazalová (eds.), The Art of Describing. The World of Tomb Decoration as Visual Culture of the Old Kingdom. Studies in Honour of Yvonne Harpur. Charles University, Prague, 2018. 307 pp. ISBN 9788073087708. £65. TOC at URL URL "The superbly illustrated volume presents a wide array of subject-matter dealing with the visual culture of the Old Kingdom. The book was compiled in honour of Yvonne Harpur, the doyenne of the study of art and decoration of tombs from the pyramid age. This album amicorum not only reflects the great interest but also the potential in dealing with the art of the Old Kingdom." --DIGITIZED BOOKS & ONLINE THESES-- [Submitted by Michael Tilgner] * New addition to the Zurich Open Repository and Archive (ZORA) of the University of Zürich -- Christian Herrmann, Die ägyptischen Amulette der Sammlungen BIBEL + ORIENT der Universität Freiburg Schweiz. Anthropomorphe Gestalten und Tiere, Fribourg, Switzerland / Göttingen, Germany, 2003. - IX, 294 pp. - pdf-file (26.0 MB) URL "In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird die komplette Sammlung, also auch die unscheinbarsten Stücke, wissenschaftlich dokumentiert und in den grossen Kontext anderer Sammlungen eingebettet. Dabei geht es nicht nur um Vergleiche mit ägyptischen Amuletten, die aus Ägypten stammen, sondern auch mit solchen, die bereits in der Antike in die Nachbarkulturen exportiert wurden (Palästina, Sardinien, Altitalien). Vor allem aber legt die Arbeit in der Einleitung Wert auf die Interpretation der einzelnen Amuletttypen, die zu ganz neuen Erkenntnissen im Berich der ägyptischen Amulette führen konnte. Mit dieser Publikation liegt das wichtigste Referenzwerk für ägyptische Amulette vor und das wahrscheinlich für lange Zeit." --NEW ISSUES OF (PAPER) JOURNALS & MAGAZINES-- [Submitted by Fabian Boudville] * The TOC (incl. abstracts) of the latest issue of the Journal of Egyptian History (JEH), vol. 11, no. 1-2 (Oct. 2018), is at URL It is a theme issue: "Ethnic Identities in Ancient Egypt and the Identity of Egyptology" [Some sample articles are available at the Academia page of Thomas Schneider: URL] * The TOC (incl. abstracts) of the latest issue of Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde (ZÄS), vol. 145, no. 2 (Nov. 2018), is online at URL * The TOC (incl. abstracts) of the latest issue of Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur (SAK), vol. 47 (2018), is online at URL * The TOC (incl. abstracts) of the latest issue of the Journal of Coptic Studies, vol. 20 (2018), is at URL * The TOC of the latest issue of Archäologischer Anzeiger (AA), 2017/2, is online at URL Among the articles (not online): -- Veit Vaelske, "Ein Widder für Ammon. Ein früher Beleg für griechische Votivpraxis in der libyschen Oase Siwa" [An English abstract is available at the Academia page of the author: URL ] * The TOC (incl. abstracts) of the latest issue of the Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions (JANER), vol. 18, no. 2 (Nov. 2018), is online at URL Among the articles (only abstracts are for free): -- Collin Cornell, "The Forgotten Female Figurines of Elephantine" -- Jacques van der Vliet, "Charming a Clogged Nose: A Late Coptic Magical Spell from Saqqara" -- M. Victoria Almansa-Villatoro, "Reconstructing the Pre-Meroitic Indigenous Pantheon of Kush" --DIGITIZED JOURNAL ARTICLES & ONLINE-- * A new issue of DAI e-Forschungsberichten [eDAI-F], namely vol. {2018} - 2, has appeared online: URL With illustrated reports (in German, with an English abstract) of archaeological work done in 2017/2018 at nine sites in Egypt (pp. 1-51). * Hammam Essam, "Echnaton, seine Leute und die Sprache", in: Peter-Arnold Mumm (ed.), Sprachen, Völker und Phantome: Sprach- und kulturwissenschaftliche Studien zur Ethnizität, pp. 147–200. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter. URL "(..) The Late Egyptian innovations of everyday language, which were rarely used in the decorative texts before the Amarna period, gained momentum in the Amarna texts. Astonishingly, those innovations were much less used in the post-Amarna period. This change of language in the Amarna period is interpreted in this research as a political act attributed to King Akhenaten, or to a new layer of officials who could not master classical Egyptian language." [The whole book is available in Open Access at URL ] --MISCELLANEOUS-- * TBA +++ (VIA) JOBS AND GRANTS ---JOB OPENINGS--- [# = You may request from the editor the often longer announcement of an individual job opening on which the below summaries were based.] [New announcements are placed on top of the list.] * The Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Birmingham, seeks to appoint a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (depending on the experience of the successful candidate), in Egyptology, with particular expertise in the archaeology, material culture, or visual culture/art history of Egypt. (..) Closing date: 6th February 2019. URL URL * (&) Job openings at the Grand Egyptian Museum: Artefacts experts. Full-time position for one or more specialists to come and work with SCA staff and Hillint colleagues to prepare for the new chronological galleries at GEM that will include approximately 50,000 objects. Strong knowledge of ancient Egyptian material culture preferred along with the ability to demonstrate high evels of attention to detail. Please follow application details at URL * (&) The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw, is looking for a Research assistant professor (08.02.2019 until 31.12.2019). Required: PhD degree in archaeology; specialization in the archaeology and history of Nubia; specialization in research on the settlement in the Medieval Nubia and in the modern in the Middle Nile Valley; more than ten years experience in Egypt. (..) Application deadline is 27 December 2018. URL * (&) Position opening of Assistant Professor (Adjoint) at the Department of Ancient Cultures of Egypt and the Near East, Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, Polish Academy of Sciences (..). Tasks will include studies in particular of the Middle and New Kingdom art. (..) PhD in Archaeology or Egyptology are prerequisite. (..) Application deadline: 17 December 2018. URL * (&) Swansea University is pleased to offer up to sixteen fully funded scholarships for full time doctoral study on a Swansea University single award degree, commencing in October 2019, supported by its flagship Swansea University Research Excellence Scholarships Scheme (SURES). (..) Start date: October 2019. Among them: Classics, Ancient History and Egyptology. (..) The deadline for applications is Friday, 4 January 2019. URL * (&) Yale University intends to appoint a Postdoctoral Associate in Egyptology for the academic year 2019-20. (..) Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2019. Full information at: URL * (&) The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago invites applications for the Oriental Institute’s Annual Post-Doctoral Fellow Conference program for the 2019—2021 academic years. This is a twenty-four-month, non-renewable appointment. During the first year of the appointment, the Post-Doctoral Fellow will organize and conduct a two-day conference at the Oriental Institute on key comparatively oriented theoretical or methodological issues in the field of ancient studies (archaeological, text-based, and/or art historical avenues of research). We encourage cross-disciplinary proposals that deal with the ancient Near East (including Egypt) or that compare the Near East with other cultural areas. (...) Please apply online to the University of Chicago’s Academic Career Opportunity website at: URL. The posting number is 03968. Review of applications will begin on Monday, January 28th, 2019. Start date is September 1st, 2019. * (&) The Université catholique de Louvain invites applications for a tenure track or tenured part time position in Egyptology. (..) The position is attached to the Faculty of Philosophy, Arts and Letters and the Institute for Cultural Analysis (..). The successful candidate will teach in the field of ancient Egyptian language (the teaching will focus on epigraphic and literary texts dating from Pharaonic times [from the Old Kingdom to the New Kingdom]), as well as ancient Egyptian literature, religion, history, archaeology, and art history. (..) Mastering Coptic will be an asset. (..) Application deadline: 15 November 2018. URL URL In French: URL * (&) California State University San Bernardino is proud to announce the search for the second W. Benson Harer Egyptology Scholar in Residence. This position is perfect for advanced scholars seeking a sabbatical leave or postdoctoral scholars seeking a start. The recipient will teach one class at CSUSB in Fall 2019 (or possibly other quarters if desired) on ancient Egypt, and give a lecture to the community at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art. The scholar in residence will receive housing, a partial meal plan, and a $15,000 stipend. Applications are due on November 15, 2018. For more information, please see our website: URL And the link to apply: URL URL * (&) The British Museum’s Ancient Egypt and Sudan department are recruiting for a Project Curator to organise and deliver, as field director, the Museum’s fieldwork in the Northern Dongola Reach during winter 2018/19, as part of the Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project. (..) Application deadline: 9 October 2018. URL * (&) The American Research Center in Egypt has a job opening for a Head Librarian (Cairo, Egypt). Open to: Egyptian nationals and legal permanent residents of Egypt with a valid work permit. (..) Education: An ALA-accredited Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences or a Master’s Degree in archival administration, library or information science or equivalent advanced degree from a university with an established graduate program recognized by the appropriate national body and with professional experience in a research library or the accreditation of professional librarians. (..) Closing Date: 10/31/2018. Full info: URL * (&) Ghent University, Faculty of Arts & Philosophy, has openings for two research positions in the project 'Everyday Writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt. A socio-semiotic study of communicative variation', both at the level of PhD candidate. Application deadline: October 26, 2018. URL * (&) The Department of Near Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkeley is generating an applicant pool of qualified part time, temporary instructors to teach during the fall, spring, or summer sessions, should an opening arise, lower and upper division lecture courses, lower division Reading and Composition courses, and/or seminars in the fields of the ancient Near and modern Middle East. Openings are most likely to occur in the areas of Egyptology, Near Eastern Art and Archaeology, Biblical Studies, Jewish Studies, Islamic Studies, Islamic Art and Middle Eastern literature. The number of positions varies from semester to semester, depending on the needs of the Department. These Lecturer appointments are typically part-time, are made at the beginning of the semester, and may be renewable depending on need, funding, and job performance. The pool will remain in place for one calendar year. (...) The final date for applicants will be August 30, 2019. URL * (&) The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles announces a postdoctoral position for the 2018-19 academic year with the possibility of a one year extension. We are seeking a recent Ph.D. in ethnoarchaeobotany or related field (..). Applications will be evaluated starting August 31, 2018 and will continue until the position is filled. (..) (#) * (&) The Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Oxford is seeking a Associate Professor of Egyptology and Coptic Studies from October 2019. The postholder will be elected to the Lady Wallis Budge Fellowship in Egyptology (a Non-Tutorial Fellowship) at University College. The Associate Professor will engage in advanced research using primary sources in the Egyptian language (including Demotic and Coptic) with a focus on Late, Graeco-Roman, or Coptic Period Egypt (..). The closing date for applications is 12 October 2018. [was: 31 August 2018]. URL URL * (&) St. Charles Community College (Cottleville, MO) is seeking part-time faculty for the fall 2018 semester to teach an Introduction to Egyptology course. Part-time appointments made on a semester-by-semester basis. (..) Open until filled. URL * (&) NADIM Foundation in Cairo is seeking a competent researcher in the fields of Coptic and Greco-Roman Art and Architecture with emphasis on minor Arts, woodwork, techniques and craftsmanship from an interdisciplinary perspective. (..) The position is open till filled. (#) Foundation's website: URL info: URL ---GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS--- [# = You may request from the editor the often longer announcement on which the below summaries were based.] * Christ’s College, Cambridge has advertised the Lady Wallis Budge Junior Research Fellowship in Egyptology. It will be tenable for four years from not later than 1st October 2019 and is not renewable. Application deadline: 3rd January 2019. Details and further particulars can be found at: URL * (&) The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) is offering funded fellowships for predoctoral, postdoctoral and senior scholars to conduct research in Egypt for the 2019-2020 academic year. Fields of study include: anthropology, archaeology, architecture, fine art, art history, Coptic studies, economics, Egyptology, ethnomusicology, history, humanistic social sciences, Islamic studies, literature, political science, and religious studies. Arrival in Egypt may not commence earlier than October 1, 2019 and fellowships range from 3-12 months in length. Information on eligibility / citizenship requirements and eligible research projects and methodologies can be found on the ARCE website. Applications Open: November 1, 2018. Closing Date: January 15, 2019. URL * (&) Each year the Warburg Institute, London, offers a number of short-term fellowships, one of which is the Henri Frankfort Fellowship. The Fellowship, which will be for two or three months, may be held in any of the areas in which Professor Frankfort made his distinguished contributions to scholarship: the intellectual and cultural history of the ancient Near East, with particular reference to society, art, architecture, religion, philosophy and science; the relations between the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aegean, and their influence on later civilizations. The Fellowship is not intended to support archaeological excavation. Closing date for applications for fellowships held in 2019/20: 10 December 2018. URL * (&) Applications for the EES Fieldwork and Research Grants and Centenary Awards are now available to support research in Egypt or Sudan. Full details and eligibility criteria can be found here URL Applications for the 2019-20 Grants and Awards will close on Friday 14 December 2018. * (&) The Alexandria Centre for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, announces that the Honor Frost Foundation (which supports maritime archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean) is funding one Diploma student (for one year) or one MA student (for two years) for the school years 2018/2019. For more information, please contact: email * (&) Apply for a fellowship at the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research for the 2018-2019 academic year URL * (&) Bourses doctorales et postdoctorales attribuées par l’IFAO. (..) Les demandes doivent être déposées avant le 25 mai pour les séjours commençant entre le 1er janvier et le 30 juin et avant le 20 novembre pour les séjours commençant entre le 1er septembre et le 22 décembre. URL --AWARDS, PRIZES & CONTESTS-- * (&) Press report: "Hawass’ Award to Be Presented to Archaeologist, Conservator" URL "The Board of Directors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities approved Dr. Zahi Hawass’ award to be given to an archaeologist and a conservator in the ministry. This was announced by Dr. Mostafa Waziri, General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. He explained that an Egyptian international committee will evaluate the works of all applicants and select the best archaeologist and conservator. Each applicant should submit a review or a briefing of all the field work he had participated in. The applicant should be under 40 years old and he has to be one of the ministry’s employees. Each winner will receive a financial award of LE 15,000 which will be distributed during the celebration of the Archaeologist Day on January 14, 2019. In order to apply, applicants: 1) Must be working at the Ministry of Antiquities in the fields of excavation or restoration, 2) Must be 40 years old or younger, 3) Must Submit his/her CV and a letter of reference by November 30th at email (#) -- Press report: "Hawass Center to Honor Archaeologists on 14 January Annually" URL "The Center of Dr. Zahi Hawass at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina has allocated an annual prize for the best archaeologist and restorer to be presented at the Day of the Archaeologists on 14 January each year. (..)" * (&) Die Stiftung für Ägyptologie – Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte – schreibt für das Jahr 2018 erneut einen Wettbewerb aus. Ziel der Stiftung ist die Fortführung der Forschungsarbeit des Stifters Prof. Dr. Schafik Allam im Bereich der rechtshistorischen Forschung in der Ägyptologie. Schwerpunkt der Stiftungsförderung ist die Erforschung von Urkunden in ägyptischer Sprache und Schrift (Hieroglyphisch, Hieratisch, Kursivhieratisch, Demotisch und Koptisch). (..) Für ein schriftliches Werk wird ein Preisgeld von EUR 2.000,00 ausgelobt. (..) Einreichungsfrist ist der 31. Dezember 2018. (..) URL --VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES-- * (&) The British Museum’s Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan is developing a database of ancient Egyptian mummies from the Predynastic to the Coptic periods. (..) Volunteers are sought to assist in documenting and populating this database, by collecting information from publications and transferring it into a database. Applicants should have a broad grounding in Egyptology, and a particular research interest in funerary archaeology. Volunteers are sought for the period of January to June 2019, for at least one month. (..) Closing Date: 8 December 2018 URL * (&) The Circulating Artefacts project at the British Museum is looking for volunteers to help with digitising sales catalogues and documenting pharaonic artefacts advertised online: URL Volunteers are sought for the period of November 2018 - January 2019, for at least one month. Closing date for application is 22 October 2018 but we will accept applications until positions have been filled. +++ (VIB) NEW: COURSES AND TRIPS --COURSES-- [Submitted by Ned Ramm] * GlyphStudy is a FREE student led, student run, study group on Yahoogroups. It will be offering two study sections for beginners both starting on the 7th January 2019: (1) Middle Egyptian: An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs, by James P. Allen; (2) How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself, by Mark Collier and Bill Manley. For full information, please see the flyer at URL * (&) The University of Naples, l'Orientale, announces the Summer School "The Pottery of the Nile Valley", to be held in Naples from July 1st to 12th, 2019. For all the candidates, please proceed to the Call for submission and to the Application form before 5th November 2019. URL * (&) La Asociación Española de Egiptología, en colaboración con la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras d la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, el Museo de San Isidro-Los orígenes de Madrid y el Templo de Debod, convocan al curso de egiptología 2018-2019: URL * (&) Asociación Española de Egiptología: Cursos de lengua egipcia en caracteres jeroglíficos - Presencial y online 2018-2019 URL * (&) Middle Egyptian Beginners Language Course Would you like to be able to read Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs? Do you live in the North-East of England? The North East Ancient Egypt Society will be running beginners’ classes in the autumn at the Litt. & Phil. in Newcastle less than 5 minutes walk from Newcastle Central Station (main line and metro). There will be 10 classes this autumn Starting Wednesday October 3^rd , 2018 at 5.15 pm – 6.45 pm (no class 7/11/18). The charge will be £15 for the 10 classes payable at the first class. For further details or to register for the course please contact: email * (&) Cursos de Lengua Egipcia en la Asociación Española de Egiptología. Colabora: Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid URL * (&) Giulio Magli would like to inform you that on the "Open Knowledge" platform of the Politecnico of Milan the MOOC (massive open online course) entitled "Archaeoastronomy: the science of stars and stones" is now avaliable. The course is and will always be 100% free of charge and the lessons are avaliable at any time. It is based on "weeks" made up of short lessons (less than 10 minutes each). The level is undergraduate. Of course Egypt has a key role and an entire "week" is devoted to it. I hope that you will find it useful for your teaching acitivities and that it may contribute to spread a correct approach to this discipline in the general public. To see the promo and access the course: URL * (&) "BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt" URL Egypt seen through the theme of the colour blue. A selection of 12 lectures presented in a symposium style, by Dr Joyce Tyldesley, Dr Steven Snape, Prof. Paul Nicholson, Dr Glenn Godenho, and Dr Campbell Price. FREE - 3 hour videos. * (&) HieroEducation - offering online Egyptology courses: URL "(..) We’re offering an Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs to begin with, and will be expanding our portfolio of courses from there. (..) The courses are entirely online, and are based around live classes where you can discuss what you’ve learned with your course tutor, and video lectures and other teaching materials (downloadable resources, quizzes and challenges and more) which you can access anytime you like. (..)" Tutor: Dr Joanna Kyffin * (&) A series of free, on-line classes in Egyptology are being offered by U. Manchester: URL --TRIPS & TOURS-- [Only tours organized by non-profit Egyptological organisations (notably if the proceeds go to public education or site excavation/conservation) will be listed here.] * (&) A tour offered by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago: Sudan and Ancient Nubia December 10 - 18, 2018 Led by Emily Teeter and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago "Celebrate 100 years of Oriental Institute exploration as we return to Sudan and sites visited by James Henry Breasted on his 1907 expedition. Join us as we journey through stunning landscape, and get up close with our ancient past. In Sudan you will have the opportunity to interact with modern day local culture - while visiting ancient sites that are off the beaten path." For more information call 773-834-9777 or visit URL --FIELD SCHOOLS-- * TBA +++ (VII) (MULTI)MEDIA --TV&RADIO-- [Submitted by Michael Tilgner] * German TV: -- ZDFinfo, December 8, 2018, 01:15-02:00; December 14, 2018, 17:15-18:00 "Time Scanners: Geheimnisse in 3D. Die Pyramiden" -- ARD-alpha, December 8, 2018, 14:30-15:00 "alpha-retro: 1985 - Nofretete in neuer Residenz" -- NDR, December 9, 2018, 06:45-07:00 "Schätze der Welt: Memphis, Ägypten - Weltwunder Pyramiden" -- Arte, December 9, 2018, 12:20-13:15; December 11, 2018, 09:25-10:30 "Ägyptens versunkene Hafenstadt - Ein Mythos taucht auf" -- Arte, December 9, 2018, 13:15-14:05 "Kleopatra - Porträt einer Mörderin" -- ZDFinfo, December 14, 2018, 02:45-03:30 and 15:00-15:45 "Das unsichtbare Kairo - Geheimnisvolle Unterwelt" --DVDs & CDROMS-- * TBA --SOFTWARE & APPS-- * (&) Sesh 7.2.0 has been released: URL --ONLINE AUDIO&VIDEO-- * TBA * For previously listed online videos, see the website Videos and Audio Files. --MUSIC & THEATRE-- * TBA +++ (VIII) WEBSITES * TBA ++ [End of new weekly additions] ========================================================================= [Overview of still current older material follows below] +++ (IX) LECTURES AND SYMPOSIUMS --USA-- a) American Research Center in Egypt * 70th Annual Meeting of ARCE, 2019 Abstracts of papers are invited before January 11, 2019. date: April 12-14, 2019 place: The Westin Alexandria, 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-5700 USA info: URL info: Call for Papers at URL b) ARCE/New York Chapter * "Conserving Kushite Tombs of the Theban Necropolis: South Asasif Conservation Project 2016-2018", by Dr. Elena Pischikova date: November 14, 2018; 6:00 pm place: Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, 7 Times Square, New York, New York (Entrance to 7 Times Square is on Broadway at 42nd Street, next to The Loft. Photo ID is required to enter building. Proceed to the 5th floor Sky Lobby and take the second elevator bank to the 23rd floor reception). costs: free; RSVP required to email * TBA date: ..., 2018; 6:00 pm place: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, 15 East 84th St., NY, NY. costs: free; RSVP required to URL c) ARCE/Oregon Chapter * "Goddesses' Gowns and Kings' Kilts in New Kingdom Egyptian Tomb Paintings", by Nancy Arthur Hoskins (Independent Scholar) date: Tuesday, December 4, 2018; 7:30 PM place: 2nd Floor Gallery, Urban Center Building, Portland State University, 506 Mill St, Portland, Oregon costs: free and open to the public info: URL d) ARCE / Northern California Chapter * TBA date: ..., 2018; 3:00 PM (Annual Holiday Souq begins at 2 PM.) place: Room 20 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley Campus (Near the intersection of Bancroft Way and Barrow Lane) info: URL e) ARCE/Arizona Chapter * TBA date: ..., 2018; 5:30pm place: Bryant Bannister Tree-Ring Building, Rm 110, University of Arizona, 1215 E Lowell St, Tucson, AZ 85721 costs: free and open to the public; parking available at the nearby 6th St Garage. info: URL f) ARCE/Pennsylvania Chapter URL * TBA date: ...., 2018; 1pm - 5pm place: Classroom 2, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeoolgy and Anthropology, 3260 South St., Philadelphia, PA costs: $18 for the general public, $13 for museum members, $8 for ARCE-PA members and students info: URL g) Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago. * "Smellscapes in Ancient Egypt (with smell accompaniments)” by Dora Goldsmith (PhD candidate, Freie Universität Berlin) The speaker will present the results of her research in the form of a smellmap of an ancient Egyptian city. Each area discussed during the talk (palace, temples, gardens, streets, workshops, private houses, mummifcation chambers, and tombs) will be accompanied by the reconstruction of its smell. Event co-organized by the Oriental Institute and Graduate Council, The University of Chicago. Reception to follow at the Oriental Institute. date: Monday, November 12th, 2018; 3:00–4:00 pm place: Saieh Hall for Economics, Room 021, 5757 South University Ave, Chicago, IL info: email h) - i) - j) - k) - l) Yale University Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC) * TBA date: ... 2018. place: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, 170 Whitney Ave, New Haven m) - n) ARCE/New England Chapter * TBA date: ..., 2018; 6:00 PM place: Boston University, College of Arts & Sciences Building, Room 224, 725 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215 info: email o) - p) - q) Indiana University Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Global and International Studies Building, Third Floor, 355 N Jordan Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405 URL * Conference: "Ancient Egypt and New Technology: The Present and Future of Computer Visualization, Virtual Reality and Other Digital Humanities in Egyptology" Abstracts of papers are invited before December 31 [was: November 15], 2018. date: March 29-31 [was: 19-20], 2019 place: School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, 700 N Woodlawn Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408 info: URL info: mailto r) - s) ARCE/North Texas Chapter * "Every tomb tells a story", by Dr. Melinda Hartwig date: August 18, 2018; 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm place: Room 123, Fondren Hall, 3215 Daniel, SMU Campus costs: free and open to the public info: URL --CANADA-- a) La Société pour l'Étude de l'Égypte Ancienne Society for the Study for Egyptian Antiquities --SSEA Toronto Chapter-- * TBA date: .., 2018; 7 pm place: Earth Sciences Building, 5 Bancroft Ave., room 142 - University of Toronto St. George Campus info: URL --SSEA Calgary Chapter-- * TBA date: ..., 2018; 7:30 pm place: Room 162, Earth Science Building, campus of the University of Calgary, Calgary costs: free, all welcome info: email or URL --SSEA Vancouver Chapter-- * TBA date: ...2018; 7:00 PM place: Alliance for Arts & Culture, #100 - 938 Howe St, Vancouver, BC costs: SSEA Members free, General Public $5; RVSP at URL info: email or URL email or URL -- SEEA Chapitre de Montréal / SSEA Montreal Chapter-- society website * TBA date:... 2018; 10h - 16h place: UQAM, local PK-5115, Départ. de Mathématiques, 201 ave du Président-Kennedy (métro Place-des-Arts, sortie Jeanne-Mance), Montréal, QC H2X 3Y7 costs: 15$ membre-étudiant; 25$ membre; 30$ non-membre info: email * TBA date: ..., 2018; 6:30 pm place: Bureau des Affaires Culturelles et de l'Éducation (BACE) du Consulat Général d'Égypte, 1 Place Ville-Marie, 19ième étage, suite 1936, Montreal, Quebec costs: free; RSVP- to reserve your place please call: 514-353-4674 info: email * TBA date: ..., 2018; 18:00 place: The Espace culturel of Librairie Monet, 2752 de Salaberry in Montreal. costs: free for members, $12.00 for non-members. To confirm your place, please contact email info: email or tel. 514-353-4674 b) Friends of Ancient Egypt URL * TBA date: .., 2018; 7 - 9 pm place: Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens' Park, Toronto costs: $20 General Public; $15 ROM members; $10 Students info: tel.: 416.586.5797; e-mail: email URL --UNITED KINGDOM--- a) British Museum Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG * "BM Annual Egyptological Colloquium 2019: 'Amarna: The lived city'" Abstracts of papers are invited before 30 November 2018. Prof. Barry Kemp will deliver the keynote lecture. date: 19-20 September 2019 info: Call for Papers at URL b) Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology University College London Malet Place, London, WC1E 6BT URL * TBA --Friends of the Petrie Museum-- * "Provisions for the dead, ritual implements, luxury objects? Conceptualising burial equipment in New Kingdom elite contexts", by Dr Claudia Näser date: Friday 5th October 2018; 18.30 place: Lecture Theatre G6, Institute of Archaeology, 31 Gordon Square, London WC1 costs: non-members welcome info: email * Study Day: "Amenhotep III and his funerary temple, a ‘House for Millions of Years’" with Dr Hourig Sourouzian, Dr Anna Garnett, Dr Willem Toonen. date: Saturday, 20 October 2018; 10:00-18:00 place: Lecture Theatre 1, Cruciform Building UCL (opposite main gates of UCL on Gower St). costs: £35 for Friends of the Petrie Museum / £45 guests / £20 full-time students info: programme and booking form at URL c) The Egypt Exploration Society 3 Doughty Mews, London, WC1N 2PG society's website * Study Day: "Egypt’s Shifting Capital" Followed by the AGM. date: 24th November, 2018; 9:30 - 16:30 place: Institute of Child Health, 30 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1EH costs: EES member £28.00 (student £19.00), non-member £33.00 (student £23.00) info: booking form, programme and abstracts at URL d) Egypt Society of Bristol. society's website * TBA date: .. 2018; 18:45 place: Lecture Room 1, Department of Archaeology & Anthropology, 43 Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol 8 * TBA date: ... 2016; 18:00 place: Priory Road Lecture Theatre, 12 Priory Road, Bristol BS8 1TU costs: free for members, £2.00 for non-members. info: URL e) The Southampton Ancient Egypt Society (SAES) Society's website * TBA date: ... 2018; 1.30 pm for a 2.00 pm start place: Main Lecture Theatre, Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill, Romsey Road, Lordshill, Southampton, SO16 8FA costs: members £3.00, non-members £6.00 info: email f) The Friends of the Egypt Centre, Swansea University * "The Time Traveller, and the Time Traveller's Wife: Jaroslav Cerný, & Marie Sargant", by Hana Navratilova date: Wednesday 12th December 2018; 7.00pm place: The Mall Room, Taliesin Create, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP cost: Free for members, £3.00 non-members info: Telephone 01792 295960 info: abstract at URL g) Manchester Ancient Egypt Society (MAES) * Study Day: "Secrets of the Stones: Current Epigraphic Surveys and Excavations at Thebes and Antinoupolis" A joint MAES / KNH Centre Study Day to be held at the University of Manchester. Speakers: W. Raymond Johnson & Jay Heidel. date: 17th November, 2018; 10am - 2pm place: University of Manchester Samuel Alexander Building, Lime Grove (off Oxford Road), Manchester M13 9PP costs: tickets MAES members £40, non-members £45, students £35. info: URL info: booking form at URL h) British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology (BANEA) * Annual Conference BANEA date: TBA, 2019 place: Durham University info: URL URL i) Kemet Klub * TBA date: ..., 2018 place: Bristol Grammar School, University Rd, Bristol BS8 1SR info: booking with email j) TBA * 1st International Conference on Birds in Ancient Egypt date: postponed [was: 3 - 6 April 2017] place: TBA, Swansea info: email k) Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East * ASTENE Autumn Study Day: "Western Perceptions of Ancient Egypt" date: Saturday 22 September 2018; 9.30 am - 5 pm place: BRLSI (Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution), 16 Queen Square, BA1 2HN Bath, Somerset costs: £35 for Astene members and £40 for non-members. info: URL l) ICOM International Committee for Egyptology (CIPEG) * CIPEG Annual Meeting date: 4-7 September 2018 place: Swansea info: URL Booking form (PDF): URL Updated, preliminary programme (PDF): URL m) Egypt Exploration Society AND University of Manchester * Fourth British Egyptology Congress (BEC4) Abstracts for papers are invited before 28th February 2018 date: 7-9 September 2018 info: URL info: URL info: email info: Call for Papers at URL info: booking (ticket reservations) now possible at URL info: preliminary schedule at URL n) Essex Egyptology Group URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 3-5pm place: The Barn. Spring Lodge Community Centre, Powers Hall End, Witham, Essex CM8 2HE costs: non-members £5; members free info: URL o) Ta-wer Egyptology URL * Study day: "Aspects of Abydos" Lecturer: Paul Whelan. date: Saturday 27th October 2018; 10am - 5pm place: 15Hatfields Conference Centre, 15 Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ. costs: £55 (includes refreshments morning & afternoon) or £65 (with a buffet lunch included) info: URL info: email p) Manchester Continuing Education Network (MANCENT) URL * MANCENT Study Day: "When Empires Collide: Egypt vs Rome - From Alexander to Augustus" Sarah Griffiths and Birgitta Hoffman will explore the changing political relationship between Egypt and Rome and trace the series of catastrophic events leading to Rome's annexation of Egypt and the end of more than 3000 years of Pharaonic rule. date: Saturday 20th October 2018; 10.30am - 4.30pm place: Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester, M2 1NL costs: bookings at URL q) Egyptian Society Taunton * TBA date: ... 2018; 2.00pm start, the door opens at 1.45 place: The Friends Meeting House, Bath Place, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 4EP costs: £6 for members and £7.50 for non-members info: URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 2pm start. place: Devon Archaeological Society, Dix's Field, Exeter, EX1 1QA. costs: members £6, non-members £7.50 info: email * TBA date: ... 2018; 2pm start. place: St James Church, St James Street, Taunton, Somerset costs: admission for members £6, for non-members £8 info: URL r) West Midlands Egyptology Society (WMES) URL * TBA s) Egyptology Scotland URL * Ian Mathieson Memorial Lecture: "Saqqara: Secrets in the Sand", by Colin Reader date: Saturday 1st December 2018; 1:45pm place: Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum (Lecture Room), Glasgow G3 8AG costs: £4 members, £6 non-members (membership can be taken out /renewed at the door) info: email info: abstract at URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 1:30pm (please note slightly earlier start time) place: Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery (Lecture Room), Glasgow G3 8AG costs: £5 flat rate (membership can be taken out/renewed at the door, or see the website below) info: email Twitter: @EgyptScotland URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 12:45pm place: Room 301, McCance Building, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow G1 1XQ costs: £5 info: email * TBA date: ..., 2018; 2.30pm place: Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL costs: £2 members, £5 non-members info: email * TBA date: ..., 2018; 2:00 pm place: Burrell Collection Museum, Pollock Country Park, Glasgow South Side costs: £2 members, £5 non-members info: mail info: URL t) Thames Valley ancient Egypt Society (Oxon, Berks, Bucks) URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 1.30 pm for a 2.00 pm start place: Oakwood Centre, Headey Road, Woodley, Reading RG5 4JZ costs: members free, visitors welcome (£3) info: email info: URL u) University of Liverpool * Liverpool Egyptology Seminar: "Texts are even more interesting than pyramid ramps: Recent textual discoveries at the Egyptian alabaster quarries at Hatnub", by Dr Roland Enmarch (University of Liverpool) date: 13 December 2018; 17:00-18:00 place: Seminar Room 10, Rendall Building, Bedford Street South, Liverpool, L69 7WW costs: free, all welcome info: email info: abstract at URL v) Interpreting Egypt’s Past in Wales and the World (InEPWW) * TBA date: ... 2018; 4.00–6.00 pm. place: SURF room, Fulton House, Swansea University, Singleton Park Campus costs: free entry; all welcome info: URL w) Manchester University * Study Day: "The Two Brothers: Kinship in Ancient Egypt" Manchester Museum Day School Speakers are Campbell Price, Roger Forshaw, Rosalie David, Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin, Leire Olabarria, and Joanne Robinson. date: 16 February 2019; 09:00 - 17:00 costs: £35; booking required at URL info: programme at URL info: URL x) - y) Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt. URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 1.30pm place: Lecture Theatre, Chesterfield Library, Beetwell Street, Chesterfield, S40 1QN costs: Members and Day-Visitors £4; all welcome. info: email z) North-East Ancient Egypt Society URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 2:00 – 4:00 place: Elvet Hill House, Oriental Museum, DH1 3TH Durham costs: members free; non members and visitors £5, concessions £3 info: email info: URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 2:00 – 4:00 place: Commercial Union House, Pilgrim Street, NE1 6RQ Newcastle costs: members free; non members and visitors £5, concessions £3 info: email info: URL za) Sudan: Ancient and Modern URL * TBA date: ..., 2018; 5 PM place: The Shulman Auditorium, The Queen's College High Street, OX1 4AW Oxford, Oxfordshire info: email --THE NETHERLANDS-- a) Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten (NINO) URL * "Shashotep - Shutb: wonen op de resten van een oude stad," by Dr. Ilona Regulski (British Museum) Organised by NINO and Ex Oriente Lux (EOL). date: 20 November 2018; 15:00-16:00 place: Leemans-zaal (begane grond), Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden costs: lecture is free; museum entry ticket required info: URL * TBA date: .. 2018 place: Leemans-zaal, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Rapenburg 28, Leiden info: email b) - c) Het Huis van Horus * TBA date: ..., 2018; 19:30 - ca. 20:45 place: Leiden, Lipsius Gebouw costs: € 8 for members of Huis van Horus, EUR 10, non-members please RSVP at email or 06-52008364 info: URL d) Rijksmuseum van Oudheden Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden URL * Symposium "Goden van Sakkara" Valedictory symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Maarten Raven (Conservator collectie Egypte bij het RMO en sinds 2012 Bijzonder hoogleraar “Museologie van het Oude Egypte” aan de Universiteit Leiden). Speakers: Wim Weijland, Paul Nicholson, Alain Zivie, Renata Landgrafova, Tamás Bács, Nozomo Kawai. date: 19 November 2018; 12:15-17:30 costs: EUR 20,00 info: URL e) Mehen URL * Study Day: "Gebelein, de onbekende stad ten zuiden van Thebe", with Vincent Oeters MA and Jan Koek. date: 28 December 2018; 10:30 – 16:30 place: RMO, Leemanszaal, Leiden costs: EUR 25 members / EUR 30 non-members info: URL --GERMANY-- a) Berliner Arbeitskreis Junge Aegyptologie * 9. Berliner Arbeitskreis Junge Aegyptologie (BAJA 9): "(Un)Sterblichkeit: Schrift – Körper – Kult" Abstracts of papers are invited before 15.09.2018 (at email). date: 30 November 2018 - 2 December 2018 place: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin costs: please register before 24.11.2018 with email info: programme [PDF] at URL b) Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Abteilung Kairo * "Pharaonische Lebenswirklichkeiten - Neue Ausgrabungsmethoden des DAI auf der Insel Elephantine, Ägypten", by Dr. Johanna Sigl date: 13 December 2018; 18:00 place: DAI Berlin, Wiegandhaus, Peter-Lenné-Str. 28, 14195 Berlin info: abstract at URL c) Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz * "Zwischen antikem Bergbau und Felsgräbern in Wadi el-Sheikh und el-Sheikh Fadl", by Prof. Dr. Christiana Köhler date: January 21, 2019; 18:30 place: Atrium maximum (Alte Mensa), Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 5, Mainz, Germany (Univ. Mainz Campus) costs: free and open to the public info: URL --VATICAN CITY-- a) - --EGYPT-- a) Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) 1, Dr Mahmoud Azmi Street P.O. Box 50, 11211 Zamalek - Cairo - Egypt phone: ++20 2 738.2522 / 738.2520 email; institute's website * TBA date: ... 2018 b) EES Cairo C/O British Council, 192 Sharei el-Nil St. Agouza -Cairo. Cell.pho.:010/6797508 * TBA date: .. 2018; 10:00 am - 4:00 pm place: Garden Room, British Council, 192Sharia El-Nil, Agouza, Cairo, Egypt c) Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale (IFAO) 37 rue al-Cheikh Aly Youssef, Cairo, Egypt 11441 * TBA date: .. 2018 d) Supreme Council of Antiquities 3 el-Adel Abu Bakr Street, Zamalek, Cairo phone: +2/02 736-5645; fax: 735-7239 * TBA date: ... 2018; 6:00 PM place: Ahmed Pasha Kamal Hall, The Supreme Council of Antiquities, 3 Adel Abu Bakr Street, Zamalek info: email e) The t3.wy Foundation for Historical Research in Egyptology * TBA date: ... 2016; 7PM place: Marsam Hotel, Luxor West Bank info: URL f) The Patrons of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo URL * TBA date: ..., 2018; 5:30 pm place: Ahmed Pasha Kamal Hall, Ministry of Antiquities, 3 Adel Abu Bakr Street, Zamalek costs: free and open to all info: email g) Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Kairo 31, Sharia Abu El Feda, 11211 Kairo - Zamalek URL email * TBA date: ... 2018; 6 p.m. info: email * TBA date: ... 2018; 6 p.m. info: email h) Writing and Scripts Center Bibliotheca Alexandrina 21526 El Chatby, Alexandria * TBA date: ... 2016; 11.00 -13.00 place: Lecture hall, Conference Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina costs: open to the public info: email i) Mummification Museum, Luxor * TBA date: ..... 2016; 7pm cost: admission free; NB: strictly NO cameras or recording devices please. info: email j) Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology, University of Warsaw Research Centre in Cairo 11 Mahalla st., Cairo –Heliopolis, Egypt * TBA date: ... 2018; 6:00 p.m. place: Research Centre in Cairo 11, Mahalla St., Heliopolis info: URL k) - l) International Association of Egyptologists * XIIth International Congress of Egyptologists Deadline for abstracts of papers is 31 [was: 1] October 2018. date: 3-8 [was: 9-14] November 2019 place: Mena House Hotel Marriott, 6 Pyramids Road, Giza, Cairo, 12556 Egypt [was: Luxor] info: URL info: First circular (PDF) at URL info: Arabic press release (with logo) at URL info: email m) - n) American University in Cairo * Joint Conference on the Bioarchaeology of Ancient Egypt & The International Symposium on Animals in Ancient Egypt (BAE-ISAAE 2019) Abstracts of papers are invited before September 20, 2018. date: January 10 - 13, 2019 place: Ewart Hall, American University Cairo, Tahrir Campus info: email info: URL --ITALY-- a) Museo Egizio Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, 10123, Torino * TBA date: ..., 2018; 6:00 p.m. place: Sala Conferenze, Museo Egizio di Torino costs: free and open to all info: URL * Workshop: "Deir el-Medina Workshop in the Museo Egizio" This workshop aims to highlight ongoing research on Deir el-Medina, focusing on the history of the archaeological excavations and recent field activities as well as the investigation of written and non-written material culture. Papers on any topics related to Deir el-Medina and other sites in Western Thebes linked to it from the New Kingdom until the Coptic period are welcome. The deadline for submissions is 18th May 2018. date: October 8-10, 2018 info: Call for Papers at URL info: URL b) World Congress on Mummy Studies * The 10th World Congress on Mummy Studies date: TBA, 2020 place: TBA, Bolzano, Italy info: source - URL c) Gruppo Egittologico "Khentyimentyu" * TBA date: ..., 2018; 17.45 place: Cinema teatro Cappuccini, via Clelia 18 - Imola costs: free info: email info: URL URL d) - e) University of Pisa * TBA date: ... 2018; 12:00 pm place: Aula CAR 1, Palazzo Carità, Università di Pisa, Via Pasquale Paoli 9 – 56126 Pisa info: URL f) Amici e Collaboratori del Museo Egizio di Torino (ACME) * TBA date: ... 2018; 18.00-19.30 place: Sala Conferenze, Museo Egizio di Torino costs: free and open to all info: email info: URL g) Center for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (CAMNES) Via del Giglio, 15, 50123 Firenze FI * International Conference: "Rethinking Osiris" Abstracts of papers are invited before September 30, 2018. Keynote lecure will be by Mark Smith (University of Oxford). date: March 26-27, 2019 place: Ex-Church of S. Jacopo, Via Faenza 43, Florence costs: speakers EUR 80, listeners EUR 50 info: URL --FRANCE-- a) Musée du Louvre Department of Egyptian Antiquities Pavillon Mollien 75058 Paris Cedex 01, France * 14th International Conference for Nubian Studies date: 10–15 September 2018 place: Musée du Louvre Auditorium and the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Paris info: 1st and 2nd circular at URL b) Laboratoire de Linguistique de Nantes University of Nantes, Nantes * "Second International Conference on Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics" Abstracts of papers are invited before 15 June 2018. date: 14-16 November 2018 info: TBA at URL --SWEDEN-- a) Egyptological Society of Stockholm (EFIS) URL * "Golden mummies and spinning statues: Interpreting Ancient Egypt at Manchester Museum", by Campbell Price (curator at Manchester Museum) date: Tuesday 27 November 2018; 18:30 place: Östermalms Föreningsråd, Valhallavägen 148, (T-station Karlaplan), 11524 Stockholm costs: 50 SEK for members, and 70 kr for non-members, info: URL --BELGIUM-- a) KU Leuven * The 21st Jan Quaegebeur Lecture: "Wadi el-Jarf: The harbour of king Khufu on the Red Sea Shore and its papyrus archive", by Pierre Tallet (Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)) date: 4 December 2018; 20.00h place: Justus Lipsiuszaal, Faculteit Letteren Blijde Inkomststraat 21, 3000 Leuven costs: free entrance info: abstract at URL --SPAIN-- a) Asociación Española de Egiptología URL * TBA date: ...2018 b) Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH) Pza. San Diego, s/n, 28801 - Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) URL * Coffin Texts Workshop “No morir de nuevo” [“Notdying again”] In this one-day workshop (in Spanish), Dr Carlos Gracia Zamacona will guide the participants through the significance, function, and characteristics of the corpus, focusing on questions such as the Middle Kingdom equipment bearing the texts (e.g. coffins, sarcophagi, canopic chests, stelae), the religious knowledge and ritual activities reflected by the corpus, and the language of the spells, among other subjects. date: 14 December 2018; 09:30-19:00 h. place: Universidad de Alcalá (Alcalá de Henares, Madrid), Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Sala 17 info: URL Programme and registration form at URL info: inquiries may be directed to Dr. Carlos Gracia Zamacona at email c) ALO Congress, S.L. Numancia, 73, 7ºC2, 08029 Barcelona * "Third International Conference on Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt" Abstract submission deadline is 30 Juny 2018. date: 25-26 October 2018 place: Barcelona info: URL d) Universidad Complutense, Madrid * VI Congreso/Congresso Iberoamericano de Egiptología VI Iberoamerican Congress of Egyptology Papers are invited before 31 July 2018. date: 3-5 December 2018 place: Universidad Complutense, Madrid. info: URL info: email info: the provisional programme is now available at URL e) Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) * Conference: Current Research in Egyptology (CRE) 2019 date: 17–21 June 2019 Abstracts should be submitted before December 15th, 2018. The organizing committee of CRE 2019 continues working on the schedule, and is pleased to announce the opening and closing lectures of the conference: -- Opening lecture – UAH Paraninfo Chamber, 17th June 2018 "Administration and statehood in ancient Egypt: new venues of research", by Dr Juan Carlos Moreno García (CNRS, Université Paris IV – Sorbonne) -- Closing lecture – UAH Paraninfo Chamber, 20th June 2018 "A window to two thousand years of history of the Theban necropolis: the Spanish archaeological mission to Dra Abu el-Naga", by Dr José Manuel Galán (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC-CCHS-ILC, Madrid) place: Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH), Plz. San Diego s/n, 28801, College of St Hildephonse info: email info: URL info: URL info: Call for Papers at URL info: Spanish press release at URL URL URL --AUSTRALIA-- a) WEA - Adult Learning 223 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 * "Akhenaten and the Origins of Monotheism", by Prof. James Hoffmeier (Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History and Archaeology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School USA) AND "Piramesses: The City of Ramesses II", by Dr Edgar Pusch (University College London UK) date: Tuesday 28th August 2018; 6-9pm place: W.E.A Centre, 223 Angas St, Adelaide SA costs: A$49 (no discount/concession) info: contact (08) 8223 1979 info: URL --DENMARK-- a) University of Copenhagen * Fifth, annual Egyptological Conference in Copenhagen (ECC) Abstracts for a presentation at the conference are invited before the deadline on 1st of February 2019. date: 7-9th of May 2019. info: email --SWITZERLAND-- a) Ägyptologie-Forum an der Universität Zürich URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 18:30 place: Hörsaal KO2 F 150, Universität Zentrum, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich costs: open for members, students, and the general public. info: email b) Universität Basel Petersplatz 1, 4051 Basel * 51. Ständige Ägyptologenkonferenz (SÄK) 2019: "Ägyptologie und Methodik: Potenzial und Prioritäten" Abstracts of papers and posters are due by 31 January 2019. date: 5-7 July 2019. place: Kollegienhaus (Petersplatz 1) der Universität Basel costs: registration at URL info: URL info: Erste Rundbrief at URL info: email --GREECE-- a) - --AUSTRIA-- a) - --HUNGARY-- a) Szépmuvészeti Múzeum, Budapest [Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest] Collection of Egyptian Antiquities 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41. * TBA date: .. 2018 --CROATIA-- a) Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb * Conference: Egypt and Austria XII - "Central Europe, Egypt and the Orient: The Current Research" Abstracts of papers are invited before March 31st 2018. date: 17-23 September 2018 place: Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb info: email info: URL --CHINA-- a) - --CZECH REPUBLIC-- a) Charles University, Prague * Conference: “The Crossroads III – A Stranger in the House. Foreigners in Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Societies of the Bronze Age” date: September 10-13, 2018. place: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague info: URL info: a preliminary programme is now available at URL info: an updated preliminary programme is available at URL --ARGENTINA-- a) - --NEW ZEALAND-- a) - --SOUTH AFRICA-- a) The Egyptian Society of South Africa URL * TBA date: ... 2018; 19h30 place: St George's Grammar School in Mowbray info: email +++ (X) EXHIBITIONS Most info in this section was collected by Michael Tilgner and Ingrid van Sprakelaar. Ingrid maintains an exhibition calendar [in a complementary format, i.e. sorted by date (and country)] at the Dutch website of the Mehen Study Center. --USA-- a) The Stanford Archaeology Center 488 Escondido Mall, Building 500, Stanford CA 94305-2145 URL * "Our Dark Materials: Rediscovering an Egyptian Collection" date: June 4, 2018 – May 16, 2019 Exhibition of ancient Egyptian stone tools, parts of a mummy cartonnage, bronze figurines of Osiris, miniature ceramic jars, and other artifacts that were collected by Jane Stanford, her son, Leland Stanford Jr., and other university affiliates in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. info: URL URL info: English press report at URL "(..) Several objects (..) were originally part of a gallery exhibit at the Stanford Museum during the 1906 earthquake. The disaster damaged many artifacts (..). After the earthquake, the destroyed items were put away into boxes, hidden for over a century. The new exhibit reexamines these forgotten, broken artifacts and presents them in a different light. (..)" b) Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214 URL * "The Discovery of King Tut" date: October 6, 2018 – January 27, 2019 One of the touring exhibitions with some 1,000 replicas of KV62 objects. info: URL info: URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL info: English press reports at URL URL info: English press report at URL With some photos of displays. c) The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum 150 Gilman Hall, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 URL * "Who Am I? Remembering the Dead Through Facial Reconstruction" Exhibition about the facial reconstruction process of two ancient Egyptian mummies from the collection, the 'Goucher Mummy' and the 'Cohen Mummy'. date: April 26, 2018 - December 2019 info: URL With a lot of online info about both mummies. info: English magazine article at URL info: English press report [not accessible in Europe] at URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL URL URL URL URL d) The Harvard Semitic Museum 6 Divinity Avenue Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 URL * “Recreating the Throne of Egyptian Queen Hetepheres” date: February 11, 2016 - ongoing Centerpiece is a reproduction of Hetepheres' chair. info: URL With photo gallery and video. e) Brooklyn Museum 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052 URL * "A Woman's Afterlife: Gender Transformation in Ancient Egypt" date: December 15, 2016 - long-term [was: till March 24, 2017] Exhibition with 25 ancient Egyptian artefacts that explore the differences between male and female access to the afterlife. info: URL info: press release [PDF] at URL info: English press report at URL "(..) Egyptian medicine taught that an entombed woman faced a biological barrier to rebirth. The ancient Egyptians believed that in human reproduction it was The Man who created the fetus, and transferred it to the woman during intercourse. This ultimately made rebirth impossible for a woman alone. To overcome this perceived problem a priest ritually transformed a woman's mummy into a man long enough to create a fetus. The ritual for this transformation required representing a woman with red skin on her coffin--- the color normally assigned to a man. Furthermore, artisans inscribed the coffin with spells that addressed the woman in masculine pronouns for a priest to recite. The use of "male" color and strategically inflected language had the power to change her gender in the coffin. A woman later returned to her original female state and incubated herself for rebirth into the afterlife as a woman. (..)" URL URL info: English press report at URL "(..) The show demonstrates this concept with a coffin from the museum’s collection (around 1292-1190 BC), which portrays the deceased with male skin (conventionally red) on the coffin’s exterior—addressed by four gods using a masculine pronoun—and with female skin (conventionally yellow) on the mummy’s mask. Around 25 objects from the museum’s collection are on view, including pieces never before exhibited, like a collar with Atum, a male god who created the world all on his own. There is also a statuette of Atum holding his erect phallus in his hand, which is a feminine word in Egyptian. “This is the way [he created the world]—quite literally, masturbating,” Bleiberg says. Other objects, like two wooden statues, show that females are once again treated as women when they enter the afterlife, despite their portrayal with male attributes on their coffins. There are also statues of Osiris and Isis. (..)" URL info: English press report at URL f) Kelsey Museum of Archeology University of Michigan, 434 South State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1390. (The public entrance is on Maynard Street.) URL * “Graffiti as Devotion along the Nile” date: August 23, 2019 - January 5, 2020 This exhibition explores the times and places in which Kushite graffiti were inscribed (on temples, pyramids, and other monumental structures), through photos, text, and interactive media presentations. At the heart of the show are the hundreds of Meroitic graffiti recently discovered in a rock-cut temple by the Kelsey expedition to El Kurru. info: URL g) Denver Art Museum 100 W 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204 * “Stampede. Animals in Art” date: September 10, 2017 - May 19, 2019 Exhibition that explores the presence of animals in art across centuries and cultures, via ca. 300 objects. An underlying theme is satire through anthropomorphism, i.e. how artists used animals to represent human traits and critique the human world. With also some ancient Egyptian artefacts. info: URL info: press release at URL info: English press report at URL h) Arizona Science Center 600 E. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85004 URL * "Mummies of the World: The Exhibition" date: February 10, 2019 - September 2, 2019. The travelling exhibition with ca. 40 human and animal mummies and ca. 85 funeral artifacts from many cultures, incl. Egypt. It was at many venues in the USA during the past years (2015 - 2017), and recently in Europe (as “Mumie sveta”) at the Výstavišti Holešovice in Prague (1 February 2018 - 30 June2018) and (as “A Világ Mumiái”) at the Hungarian Museum of Natural History, Budapest (16 August 2018 - 31 December 2018). info: URL info: English press report at URL i) Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art 600 Museum Way, Bentonville, AR 72712 URL * "Crystal: Visible and Invisible" [working title] date: October 12, 2019 - January 6, 2020 The exhibition explores the complex and varied connections between crystal and art throughout the world, spanning history and geography: featuring more than 75 works from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other ancient cultures, combined with works from contemporary artists. info: URL info: English press report at URL j) Hood Museum of Art Dartmouth, 6 East Wheelock St., Hanover, NH 03755 URL * “Reopening Museum” date: January 26, 2019 - Ongoing info: URL info: online catalog of the Dynastic Egypt collection of the museum - URL k) - l) University Museum, San Francisco State University c/o Museum Studies Program, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132 * “Going Global: From San Francisco to the World” date: April 26, 2018 - April 26 [was: May], 2019 Inaugural exhibition of the Global Museum, with 175 objects, incl. some ancient Egyptian ones. info: URL info: English press reports at URL "(..) The sarcophagus [of Nes-Per-N-Nub], with its exquisite painted patterns, birds and sun disks, will be among 175 objects on view when the museum opens to the public April 26 with an inaugural exhibition that announces its intention: “Going Global: From San Francisco to the World.” But the mummified remains of Nes-Per-N-Nub and another Egyptian won’t be on view until fall, when a special climate-controlled room adjoining the 1,922-square-foot museum — 64 degrees is the optimal temperature — is ready. Even then, you’ll have to ask to see them. (..)" URL URL * Opening of the Global Museum (incl. reopening of the Sutro Egyptian collection) date: April 26, 2018 [was: late 2017] - ongoing info: URL "(..) The Global Museum will be exhibiting its outstanding collections from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas beginning April 2018 in the Fine Arts Building. (..)" info: URL URL info: press reports at URL "The Sutro Egyptian and Treganza collection will be moved as part of the University Museum’s relocation into the Fine Arts building next semester for specialized care and greater student accessibility. (..) The Museum Studies gallery is [currently] located on the fifth floor of the Humanities building which, according to Museum Studies Professor and Director Edward Luby, has been inaccessible to students and local families who want to visit the museum. (..)" URL "The University Museum’s plan to move two collections into the Fine Arts Building this spring have been postponed until fall 2015, allowing artifacts to be temporarily loaned to other museums and galleries until the grand opening. The Treganza and Sutro Egyptian collections were originally scheduled for a spring 2015 move into FA 203. (..) The Sutro Egyptian collection, which is currently housed in the fifth floor of the Humanities Building at the University Museum, has no plans to reopen before the move but a few items will be loaned to the San Francisco International Airport Museum (..)" info: online database of the Sutro Collection of Egyptian Antiquities that includes ca. 700 objects (incl. two intact mummies) - URL info: English press report at URL m) California Science Center 700 Exposition Park Drive Los Angeles, CA 90037 URL * "KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh" date: March 24, 2018 - January 6, 2019 Exhibition to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, with over 150 authentic[!] artifacts from KV62, 60 of which have never traveled outside of Egypt. It will later travel to Europe in January 2019 as part of a 10-city international tour. info: URL info: URL With trailer. info: English press release at URL info: Exhibition Artifact Highlights, slideshow at URL info: English press reports at URL URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL "(..) Tickets will go on sale Tuesday (..)." info: English press report at URL "(..) The exhibition includes 166 artifacts, not including the basic pieces of Tutankhamun, Anani said (...)" info: English press reports at URL "(..) a ten-city international exhibition tour.(..) URL "(..) a ten-city, five-year international run. (..)" URL "Egypt Antiquities Minister Khalid al-Anani said on Friday that the ministry did not hide its plans to organize an exhibition containing 166 artifacts belonging to the young pharaoh Tutankhamun. He added that the exhibition is scheduled to tour seven foreign countries (..), and will continue over the next 7 years. The exhibition includes 166 artifacts, not including the basic pieces of Tutankhamun, Anani said (..)." URL URL "Egypt's Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Anany said the value of insurance coverage for 166 pieces of King Tutankhamun’s belongings that will be exhibited abroad is estimated to be $862 million. (..) El-Anany said the revenues expected by the Ministry of Antiquities from exhibiting these pieces is $5[0] m. (..)" URL info: English press reports at URL With slideshow of sneak peek. URL "(..) According to the California Science Centre in Los Angeles Website, tickets for the Tutankhamun exhibition are selling out. (..) The other legs [of the exhibition's tour] include the Museum of Science and Industry at the Parc de la Villette in Paris, the Saatchi Museum in London, the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, the Sydney Museum in Australia, the National Museum in South Korea, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the Field Museum in Chicago, the Muri Art Centre in Tokyo and the Osaka Museum of Art. (..)" URL URL info: video with exhibition highlights - URL info: press release at URL "More than 150 stunning treasures from King Tut's tomb have arrived from Cairo, Egypt at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, where they will now be installed for the world premiere of KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh, beginning March 24, 2018. (..) At the conclusion of the 10-city tour, the items will go on permanent display at the new Grand Egyptian Museum being constructed in Cairo. (..)" info: English press reports at URL URL info: English press reports at URL URL "(..) Many of the favorites are back, like the coffinette [for the mummified liver]. The new exhibition has 166 total objects, the largest number of King Tut items ever displayed publicly outside Egypt. About 40% of the works haven't left the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities before. Some items, however, are not returning. Among them: the gold, crown-like diadem from the mummy's head, as well as a wooden King Tut mannequin. In curating new material for the exhibit, organizers said they aimed for intimate objects like the gold sandals on the mummy's feet when it was discovered, and a pair of worn linen gloves he may have used in real life, circa 1336 BC. There's also a ceremonial wooden bed with lion feet, created for King Tut's body to rest during the afterlife, plus jewelry galore, including gold bands embedded with semiprecious stones and wrapped around the mummy's exterior. (...)" URL URL URL With 15 photo slideshow. info: Spanish press report at URL info: English press reports at URL With several photos. URL URL URL With several photos. info: English press reports at URL URL A review. info: French press reports at URL URL "Polémique autour des expositions d’antiquités à l’étranger. (..)" info: English press report at URL Dr Zahi HawaSS reacts to Criticisms and rumours surrounding the exhibition tour. info: Spanish press report at URL info: German press report at URL "AV-Technologie macht die Ausstellung auch zum multimedialen Highlight. (...) Für die Konzeption der Ausstellung zeichnet Exhibitions International verantwortlich. Natürlich werden AV-Technologien verwendet, um eine möglichst spannende und interaktive Ausstellung zu ermöglichen. So sind 3D- und 360° Inhalte sowie 180° Projektionen und Audio-Effekte sind wichtige Bestandteil der Ausstellung. (..)" info: English press report at URL "(..) 15 Barco F-series projectors help tell the story of King Tut’s life and mysterious death with multimedia elements that enhance these artifacts. The panoramic 180-degree entry gallery immerses attendees in the fascinating discovery of King Tut’s tomb, and the dramatic closing blends multimedia and one of the most incredible artifacts every unearthed to sum up the legend of King Tut. (...)" info: English press report at URL "(..) Dr. Perlov said that some 40 percent of the artifacts have left Egypt for the first and last time (..)." n) Newark Museum 49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102-3176 URL * “Reopening Art of the Ancient Mediterranean Cultures” date: Fall 2017 - Ongoing info: URL "The Museum's art of the ancient Mediterranean cultures — Egypt, the Near East, Greece and Rome — includes one of the finest collections of ancient glass in the nation as well as classical antiquities that illustrates glassmaking over a 2,500 year period. The Egyptian Collection features the mummy case of Henet-Mer (pictured at left), as well as sculpture, writing and funerary objects that provide a view of life in ancient Egypt, from Neolithic times through the Roman period. Unusual holdings of the Coptic art of Christian Egypt include rare textiles, pottery, sculpture and paintings." The Egyptian collection is modest: URL o) Bowdoin College Museum of Art 9400 College Station, Brunswick ME 04011 URL * "AEGYPTUS: Egypt in the Greco-Roman World" date: February 2, 2017 - July 15, 2018 Exhibition about Egypt in the Greco-Roman period. info: URL info: English press report at URL With video about a 2nd c. Fayum Portrait. info: English press report at URL With description of the displays. p) Minneapolis Institute of Art 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 URL * “Egypt’s Sunken Cities” date: November 4, 2018 - April 14, 2019 The exhibition will display 293 artefacts from Alexandria and Aboukir Bay, discovered during Franck Goddio’s underwater excavations, of which 18 from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, 22 from the Graeco-roman Museum, 31 from Alexandria National museum, 15 from Bibliotheca Alexandrina museum and 207 artefacts from the Sunken monuments department. Earlier venues were the Arab World Institute in Paris (8 September 2015 - 31 January 2016; "Osiris, mystères engloutis d'Egypte"), the British Museum in London (19 May 2016 – 27 November 2016; "Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds"), Museum Rietberg. Zürich (10 February 2017 - 13 August 2017; "Osiris - Das versunkene Geheimnis Ägyptens") and St. Louis Art Museum (March 25, 2018 - September 9, 2018). info: URL info: press release at URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL info: English press reports at URL With 8 image slideshow. URL URL URL With a link to a video ("Watch: Installing Hapy at Mia"). URL URL q) The Metropolitan Museum of Art The Met Fifth Avenue 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028 URL * “Art and Peoples of the Kharga Oasis” date: October 11, 2017 – October 21, 2019 [prolongation; was: till September 30, 2018] The exhibition will feature some 30 works from the excavations of the MMA in the Kharga Oasis, at sites dating to the third and seventh centuries A.D., a time of transition between the Roman and early Byzantine periods. On view will be ceramics, ostraca (pottery shards used as writing surfaces), jewelry from burials, glassware, coins, copies of frescoes with early Christian images, and early 20th-century site photography. info: URL info: press release at URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL " "Nedjemankh and His Gilded Coffin" date: July 20, 2018 – April 21, 2019 Exhibition of ca. 70 ancient Egyptian artefacts, with as centerpiece the highly ornamented 1st c. B.C. coffin of a high-ranking priest of the god Heryshef of Herakleopolis; the other objects provide contextual information about the role of Nedjemankh as a priest in ancient Egypt, his burial, and the decoration on the coffin. info: URL info: English press report at URL With several photos of displays. r) Yale University Art Gallery 1111 Chapel Street (at York Street) New Haven, Connecticut URL * “Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual” date: November 9, 2018 - March 3, 2019 The exhibition considers the ways in which rituals appealed to the senses through objects that would have drawn worshippers into closer proximity to divine forces; with objects from diverse traditions and regions, 1500 B.C.E. to 1500 C.E., including those of the ancient Near East, ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. info: URL info: English press report at URL "(..) A dazzlingly blue sistrum greets visitors to “Sights and Sounds of Ancient Ritual,” an exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery on view through March 3 featuring more than 80 works spanning three millennia from the gallery, the Yale Babylonian Collection, and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. The objects on view represent ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, Western Europe, Mesoamerica, China, West Africa, the Near East, and Egypt. (..)" Including a slideshow (with a photo of the faience sistrum). s) Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University 571 South Kilgo Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322 URL * “Reopening of the Ancient Near Eastern Art Gallery" date: November 10, 2018 - ongoing info: URL info: English press release at URL "The Morgens West Foundation Galleries of Ancient Near Eastern Art will open to the public on Saturday, Nov. 10, after a nine-month renovation. (...)" info: English press report at URL "(..) Although the six permanent galleries have already been renovated, the museum will continue to update its existing exhibitions, Hartwig said. “My fingers are crossed that the next installation [to be renovated] will be Egypt,” Hartwig said. “We have just recently acquired a very important collection of Ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern and Classical works of art, so this will spur us on to renovate already existing Egyptian galleries.” " t) Arizona State Fair 1826 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85007 URL * "King Tut and the Egyptian Treasures" date: October 5-28, 2018 The exhibition features replicas of artifacts relating to Tutankhamun, Ramses II, Nefertari, Tuthmosis III, Alexander the Great, and Cleopatra VII, plus Coptic and Islamic artifacts. info: URL info: English press report at URL u) Vincent Price Art Museum East Los Angeles College 1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA 91754 URL * “Passing through the Underworld: Egyptian Art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art” date: March 20, 2018 - December 8, 2018 Exhibition with ancient Egyptian artefacts on loan from LACMA, focusing on myth and funerary practice. info: URL URL info: English press report at URL v) Godwin-Ternbach Museum Queens College, 405 Klapper Hall, 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367 URL * "From the Desert to the City: The Journey of Late Ancient Textiles" date: September 13, 2018 – December 13, 2018 Exhibition of Egyptian textiles (3rd-7th c. AD) from the Museum's collection or on loan from the Brooklyn Museum and other collections. Modern works by artists Caroline Wells Chandler of Queens and Gail Rothschild of Brooklyn that were inspired by these textiles are also on display. info: URL info: English press reports at URL URL w) - x) - y) - z) - za) - zb) Legion of Honor Lincoln Park, 100 34th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121 URL * “The Future of the Past: Mummies and Medicine” date: May 14, 2016 – April 7, 2019 [was: August 26, 2018] The exhibition makes use of state-of-the-art scientific techniques to explore two of the Fine Arts Museums’ mummies (Irethorrou and “Hatason”). Besides an interactive virtual dissection table there are amulets and tomb furnishings on display. info: URL info: URL zc) - zd) The Field Museum 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605-2496 * "Mummies" [was: Mummies: Images of the Afterlife"] date: March 16, 2018 - April 21, 2019 [was: February 24, 2018 – January 2019] Exhibition with over 20 mummies and dozens of other artifacts from the Field Museum, Chicago -- including the results of recent research (using CT scans, isotopic testing, and DNA analysis). Earlier at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (September 2015 - January 18, 2016), the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (October 8, 2016 – February 5, 2017), and the American Museum of Natural History, New York (March 20, 2017 – January 7, 2018). info: URL "(..) Mummies from the two places in the world with the longest and most interesting mummification traditions: ancient Egypt and ancient Peru. Comprised entirely of objects from The Field’s own collection, the exhibition includes 14 mummies, exquisitely painted coffins, stone sarcophagus fragments, ceramics, mummified animals, and mummy masks. Using non-invasive CT scanning, DNA analysis, and other cutting-edge technologies, Field Museum scientists pare back thousands of years and reveal the people behind gilded coffins and carefully wrapped bundles. Scans of the intricately wrapped “Gilded Lady” mummy of ancient Egypt reveal small details that show us what she looked like. Visitors will also be able to virtually explore the contents of never-opened Peruvian mummy bundles to discover the individuals within: children, mothers, and the objects their families lovingly buried with them. Each story uncovered paints a picture of people from a different time." info: URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL "(..) The exhibit will have 16 human mummies and eight mummified animals, including cats, a falcon, a gazelle and a baby crocodile. (..)" URL With a slideshow. URL With a video about Egyptian animal mummies. info: English press reports at URL With a video. URL With a video. info: English press reports at URL URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL ze) - zf) Utah Museum of Fine Arts Marcia & John Price Museum Building, 410 Campus Center Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0350 URL * “Reopening museum” date: August 26, 2017 - Ongoing The museum has ancient Egyptian objects (models, stelae, jewellery, amulets, statuettes, a coffin) and Coptic items (e.g. textiles) in its permanent collections. info: URL info: cp. their Online database ‘Egypt’ at URL --CANADA-- a) Musée de la civilisation 85, rue Dalhousie, Quebec City (Québec) G1K 8R2 URL * "Mon sosie a 2000 ans" / “My 2000-year-old Double” date: October 24, 2018 - May 12, 2019 [was: May 23, 2018 - April 14, 2019] Exhibition in which 25-30 photographs of contemporary faces will be matched with works from the Greco-Roman and Egyptian collections of the Musée d'art et d'histoire in Geneva and the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art. info: URL info: French press report at URL With video. b) Royal British Columbia Museum 675 Belleville Street, Victoria, BC V8W 9W2 URL * "Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs" [was: “Pharaoh - Life in Ancient Egypt”] date: May 18, 2018 — December 31, 2018 The exhibition includes 400 exhibits from international lenders, with 11 models of ancient Egyptian temples and 22 media stations to take visitors on a journey along the Nile. Currently in Ausstellungszentrum Lokschuppen, Rosenheim (24 March 2017 - 17 December 2017). info: URL "With more than 300 original artifacts, some an astounding 4,500 years old, this exhibition covers all aspects of ancient Egyptian life, from the emergence of ancient Egyptian civilization along the Nile to the Ptolemaic and Roman eras. Be among the first in North America to see this staggering exhibition’s priceless ancient artifacts, such as the coffin of Nakht, an exceptional bust of Hatshepsut and an ornate gold and garnet necklace from the Ptolemaic period. " info: source - URL URL URL info: English press report at URL URL info: English press reports at URL With a video about the installation of the exhibition. URL "(..) About 350 original artifacts will be on display. The Hatshepsut bust is on loan from the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. It is one of five museums that have contributed artifacts, including the Museum of Vancouver — which lent some mummified animals. (..)" info: English press reports at URL URL [new] info: English press reports at URL URL URL URL info: French press report at URL info: blog report (with review) at URL info: English press report at URL --UNITED KINGDOM-- a) Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology University College London Malet Place, London, WC1E 6BT * "Papyrus for the People: 'Working Women in Ancient Egypt'" date: 21 May 2018 - 31 December 2018 (afternoons) Exhibition with many papyrus and ancient written texts from the Petrie collection, as an outcome of the Project with the same name (translation of over 500 pieces of papyrus into English); the focus is on the role of women outside the home. info: URL info: about the Project - URL info: blog report at URL "(..) Of the three new showcases [in the Pottery Gallery], two are to display different themes which have emerged from new translations of our written material by language specialists during the Papyrus Project. These displays will rotate every 6-8 months, partly so that we are able to offer fresh interpretations of the texts on a more regular basis, but also to preserve the fragile papyrus fragments from being exposed to too much light, as this can be damaging to the papyrus and the inscriptions. The first case, centred on the theme of ‘Working Women in Ancient Egypt’, uses a combination of papyri, a stela, an ostracon and other contextual objects to showcase the evidence we have for women outside the home, while also emphasising that the nature of this work depended on their status. (..) The second case focuses on one hieratic text on papyrus (UC32093C). This text preserves a list of containers in two columns, which would have held different substances. (..) The third case, which will be a permanent display, showcases part of our large collection of [over 200] shabti-figurines. (..)". With photos of the displays. b) - c) Manchester Museum Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL * Closure of the Ancient Worlds Galleries (including the Ancient Egypt galleries) date: 1 October 2018 - early 2021 info: URL URL Lists some 'farewell' events (Sept. 20). URL "(..) Manchester Museum will also be lending Egyptian artefacts to a larger number of external exhibitions on a temporary basis such as Bolton, Liverpool, and Wakefield and at several venues around Europe. While the Ancient Worlds galleries are closed, access to stored collections will continue for researchers. Upon re-opening in 2021, a larger number of the museum’s Egyptology collections will be on display, including never-before-seen stonework. (..)" d) Oriental Museum Elvet Hill, Durham DH1 3TH URL * “Art Studio: Ancient Egypt“ date: 1 February 2019 - 2 June 2 2019 Exhibition of modern art inspired by the Museum’s Ancient Egyptian collections. info: URL e) - f) Sir Duncan Rice Library University of Aberdeen Museums and Special Collections University of Aberdeen, King's College, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX URL * "Ta Kheru: Discovering the life of an Ancient Egyptian woman" date: 18 October - 11 December 2018 The exhibition tells the story of Ta-Kheru, alongside a holographic display of the CT scans and facial reconstruction of her mummy. info: URL URL info: English press reports at URL URL g) New Walk Museum and Art Gallery 53 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7EA URL * Closing of Egyptian Gallery date: 2 September 2018 - 20 October 2018 info: press release at URL * Opening of the new Egyptian Galleries "Life and Death in Ancient Egypt" date: 20 October 2018 - ongoing info: URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL First look at the new displays (with more than 400 objects). With photos and a video. h) - i) - j) - k) National Museum of Scotland Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF * Closure of the Ancient Egypt Gallery for redevelopment date: 1 September 2014 - early 2019 [was: Autumn, 2018] info: URL info: URL "(..) two new galleries to open in 2018. The two galleries will showcase internationally important Ancient Egypt and East Asian collections. (..)" info: source - URL * "Ancient Egypt Rediscovered" - Re-Opening of the Ancient Egypt Gallery date: February 8, 2019 - ongoing info: English press report at URL "(..) Ancient Egypt Rediscovered will cover 3,000 years of history, displaying objects including the only intact royal burial group outside Egypt, the only double coffin ever discovered in Egypt, and a cosmetics box said to be one of the finest surviving examples of decorative woodwork from ancient Egypt. Also in the spotlight will be the various contributions made by Scottish people to the field of Egyptology. (..)" info: English press report at URL "(..) The two new galleries for Ancient Egyptian and East Asian artefacts at the National Museum of Scotland (..) have just secured a £1m Lottery funding boost and will house around 1,200 objects (..). Due to open at the Edinburgh museum in early 2019, [they] are part of the final stage in an £80m revamp project. (..)" With photos of some of the objects that will be on display (incl. a Gold signet ring with the name of Queen Nefertiti) l) Bolton Museum Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE URL * Closure for refurbishing a new Ancient Egyptian Gallery date: 1 December 2016 - 22 September 2018 info: English press report at URL "The transformation of Bolton Museum to showcase its Ancient Egyptian treasures in a new multi-million pound gallery will start in December. Exhibitions and collections will be moved downstairs for visitors to enjoy while the upstairs is closed during the work. The new gallery Eternal Egypt will be built in the museum's current art gallery, history centre and temporary exhibition gallery. The centre piece will be the reproduction of the burial chamber of Thutmose III and the gallery will depict Bolton’s important links to ancient Egypt in a family-friendly and interactive exhibition. The museum — which is situated on the top floor of the building — will be closed to the public for the duration of the £3.5 million project. The main closure will come into effect on Thursday, December 1 (..). The museum is due to reopen to the public in 2018. (..)" With slideshow. * Opening of a new Ancient Egyptian Gallery ("Eternal Egypt") date: 22 September 2018 - ongoing info: English press report at URL With images of how the new gallery will look. info: English press reports at URL URL URL info: English press reports at URL With slideshow of designs. URL URL "Fresh designs for Bolton Museum’s new Egyptology gallery have been drawn up for consideration and we’d like to know what you think of them! (..)" With drawings of designs. info: English press report at URL info: English press reports at URL "(..) The five specially-designed rooms, which are part of a £3.8m redevelopment of the town’s museum (which also includes a new gallery space, nature displays and a local history section) contain over 2,000 different objects drawn from Bolton’s extensive archive of over 12,000 items. (..)" URL "Two leading experts in Egyptian studies, who will be instantly recognisably to many from their work on TV, officially opened Bolton's Egypt exhibition. Margaret Mountford, Lord Sugar's aide in The Apprentice, a doctor of Papyrology and chairman of the Egypt Exploration Society, and Joann Fletcher, known for her many Ancient Egypt documentaries and a visiting professor at the University of York, opened the new exhibit on Friday evening. (..)" URL With a description of the gallery and a large slideshow (52 pictures). URL With a video walk around the new exhibits (6 mins.). info: blog report at URL m) Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery * Closure for redevelopment date: 3 September 2016 - Spring 2020 info: English press report at URL "(..) The History Centre project will see the Museum and Art Gallery, Central Library and St Luke’s Church buildings transformed into a brand new cultural and heritage attraction. (..)" --THE NETHERLANDS-- a) - b) Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (National Museum of Antiquities) Rapenburg 28, 2311 EW Leiden URL * “Goden van Egypte” date: 12 October 2018 - 31 March 2019 [was: till April 2019] Exhibition with more than 400 artfects (many on loan from international museums) that illustrate the role of religion and magic in ancient Egypt (and their survival in modern culture). info: URL "(..) Voor /Goden van Egypte/ werkt het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden samen met het Egyptisch Museum in Turijn, dat beschikt over de tweede grootste Egyptische collectie ter wereld. Bovendien komen er bijzondere godenbeelden, gouden sieraden, rijk beschilderde mummiekisten en magische papyri uit het British Museum (Londen), Musée du Louvre (Parijs), Kunsthistorisches Museum (Wenen) en het Kestner Museum (Hannover). (..)" info: press release at URL URL info: Dutch press report at URL info: Dutch press report at URL info: press info material, with photos, at URL info: Dutch press reports at URL URL URL info: Spanish press report at URL info: English press report at URL [Read 'Oct. 11' for 'Oct. 17'. AKE] info: Spanish press report at URL info: Dutch press report at URL info: English press report at URL Exhibition review. c) Drents Museum Brink 1, 9401 HS Assen URL * "Nubië – Land van de Zwarte Farao’s" [Nubia - Land of the Black Pharaohs] date: 16 December 2018 - 5 mei 2019 [was: December 2018 - TBA] Exhibition with ca. 300 Nubian artefacts (2400 BC - 350 AD) on loan from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. info: URL info: Dutch press reports at URL URL info: Dutch press reports at URL URL URL d) Allard Pierson Museum Oude Turfmarkt 127 1012 GC Amsterdam URL * Closure of the Egyptian Galleries date: 12 March 2018 - Fall/Winter 2018 info: URL With a Dutch video. URL * “In de ban van Bes” date: TBA, 2019 info: URL --GERMANY-- a) Halle-Messe Messestraße 10, 06116 Halle (Saale) URL * "Echte Ausgrabungen aus der Zeit des Tutanchamun" [Real excavation objects from the time of Tutankhamun] date: 16 November 2018 - 25 November 2018 Exhibition with 200 objects from Ancient Egyptian tombs, mostly replicas, including a replica of Tutankhamun's gold mask. info: German press report at URL b) Lichthof der Neuen Universität Julius-Maximilians-Universität, Sanderring 2, 97070 Würzburg * "Museums of Egypt - a Journey from Aswan to Alexandria" date: 7 November 2018 - 19 December 2018 Exhibition that provides a photographic overview of known and unknown Museums in Egypt. info: URL URL info: German press release at URL info: German press report at URL c) - d) Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst Gabelsbergerstr. 35, 80333 München URL * "Opening of the gallery 'Fünf Jahrtausende (ägyptischer Geschichte)'” date: 25 June 2018 - Ongoing Opening of a new exhibition space with 700 objects that illustrate the whole of ancient Egyptian history. info: source - Newsletter Ägyptisches Museum im Juni 2018 "(..) Diese Zeitläufe macht der neue Raum mit rund 700 Objekten nachvollziehbar, in einer einzigen, 17 Meter langen Vitrine, auf 5 Ebenen inszeniert auf 8 Tonnen Sand. Die Grundlage der Objektpräsentation bilden die reichen Münchner Bestände an Keramik, ergänzt um charakteristische Beispiele von Reliefs und Rundplastik, Särgen und weiteren Grabbeigaben, Bronzen und Kleinplastik. Die Objekte aus der Vorgeschichte erhalten nun endlich (wieder) ihren Platz, ebenso erstmals römische Funde aus der Grabung im Ostdelta, die dem Museum in einer Fundteilung mit der ägyptischen Altertümerverwaltung zugesprochen worden waren. Inhaltlich erschlossen wird diese Präsentation mit Hilfe von 3 Medienstationen, über die der Besucher zu allen Objekten Informationen und technische Daten abrufen kann. Zwei weitere Medientische veranschaulichen die geschichtlichen Abläufe und zeigen die Entwicklung der Architektur." info: German press report at URL "(..) Eine neue, 17 Meter lange Vitrine mit 700 Objekten ergänzt die Dauerausstellung im Museum Ägyptischer Kunst in München. (..)" info: German press report at URL "Sie zählt 17 Meter in der Länge und fasst 700 Exponate: Die neue Vitrine im Untergeschoss des staatlichen Museums für ägyptische Kunst in München ist ein echter Hingucker. (..)" With some photos. e) - f) - g) - h) - i) Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum Am Steine 1-2, D-31134 Hildesheim URL * "Fakes & Facts - Irrwege der Archäologie" [Fakes & Facts - Wrong Tracks in Archaeology] / "Irrtümer und Fälschungen der Archäologie" [Errors & Forgeries in Archeology] date: 24 November 2018 - 26 May 2019 Exhibition with more than 200 objects (many on loan) that illustrate the scientific processes of verification and authentification. There is also a section 'Altägyptische Kunst', with several artefacts, both fake and genuine. Earlier at the LWL-Museum für Archäologie, Herne (23 March 2018 - 9 September 2018). info: URL (in English -) URL info: German press report at URL "(..) Die Schau versammelt einige vermeintlich ägyptische Reliefs und Statuen des Berliner Meisterfälschers Oxan Aslanian (..)." j) Bode-Museum Am Kupfergraben, Eingang über die Monbijoubrücke, 10117 Berlin URL * “Zwei Kamele und ein Heiliger - Das antike Pilgerzentrum Abu Mina in Ägypten” date: 13 February 2018 - 31 January 2019 Exhibition about the important Coptic pilgrimage site that sprung up around the tomb of Saint Menas and florished between the 4th and 7th c. AD. info: URL info: German press report at URL * “Menschenbilder - Wege zum Porträt von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart” date: 24 November 2017 - 7 October 2018 Exhibition about the human figure on coins and medals, from Antiquity till the Present. Includes coins of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy I. info: URL k) - l) Ägyptisches Museum der Universität Bonn Regina-Pacis-Weg 7, 53113 Bonn URL * "/Crafting Power/ – Konzepte und Praxis von Arbeit im prä- und frühdynastischen Ägypten" date: 28 October/1 November 2018 – 28 February 2019 Exhibition about the stone objects and ceramics of the 4th and 3rd millennium BC and what the available archaeological finds may say about work organization and production technologies. info: URL m) - n) - o) - p) - q) - r) - s) - t) - u) - v) - w) Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen - Museum Weltkulturen D5, 68159 Mannheim URL * “Stein(h)art. Gefäße von ewiger Schönheit” [Hard as a rock / art of stone. Ancient Egyptian vessels of eternal beauty] date: 11 November 2018 - 10 [was: 24] February 2019 Exhibition about craftsmanship in ancient Egypt, with the focus on stone vessels. info: URL info: source - URL info: German press report at URL info: German press reports at URL URL "(..) Vom 11. November bis zum 10. Februar 2019 wird unter dem Titel 'Stein(h)art - Altägyptische Gefäße von ewiger Schönheit' der Fokus auf all die Einzigartigkeit des Materials Stein gerichtet. Ästhetik im gehobenen Alltag und vor allem als Grabbeigaben. Ob Basalt, Marmor, Rosengranit oder gar Lapislazuli und Alabaster, aus all diesen beständigen Materialien haben die ägyptischen Kunsthandwerker Schalen, Tiegel, Becher, Parfümfläschchen und sogar schwere Töpfe gefertigt. Eine handwerkliche Meisterleistung, gepaart mit geduldiger Beharrlichkeit. (..)" URL Includes a slideshow. x) Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen - Museum Zeughaus C5, 68159 Mannheim URL * “MUMIEN – Geheimnisse des Lebens” [Mummies - Secrets of life] date: 16 September 2018 - 31 March 2019 Traveling exhibition with 50 animal and human mummies from the world's cultures, plus the results of mummy research. info: URL info: URL info: URL URL info: German press report at URL "(..) Zehn Jahre lang reiste die von den Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen konzipierte Mumien-Ausstellung um die Welt. Nach Stationen auf zwei Kontinenten, sieben Ländern und drei Millionen Besuchern kommt sie wieder nach Mannheim. (..)" info: German press report at URL "Über drei Millionen Besucher haben sie gesehen, an acht Stationen in den USA sowie zehn weiteren Orten in ganz Deutschland, Italien, Luxemburg, den Niederlanden, in Ungarn und der Schweiz. Seit gestern kommen sie wieder zurück – die 20 Mumien aus den Beständen der Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen. Mit zahlreichen weiteren Exponaten und vielen neuen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen werden sie ab 16. September in einer Ausstellung präsentiert, für die jetzt der Aufbau begonnen hat. (..)" With a slideshow. info: URL "Im Mittelpunkt stehen altägyptische Gefäße, die durch ihre zeitlose Schönheit und meisterliche Verarbeitung bestechen. Die rund 100 kostbaren Steingefäße reichen von der prädynastischen Zeit bis ins Mittlere Reich (4000 – 1680 v. Chr.). (...) Die Kabinett-Ausstellung 'Stein(h)art' stellt Design und Ästhetik der Exponate in den Fokus. Durch eine zurückhaltende Ausstellungs- gestaltung kommt die Schönheit der einzelnen Stücke zum Tragen." info: German press report at URL info: German press reports at URL "Die Ausstellung 'Mumien - Geheimnisse des Lebens' im Museum Zeughaus (16. September bis 31. März 2019) rückt die Erforschung der Mumien in den Fokus. Dabei ist die Computertomographie die beste Methode, den eingewickelten Körpern ihre Geschichte zu entlocken, ohne sie dabei zu zerstören. Ganz anders war das Anfang des 19. Jahrhunderts. (..)" URL "Präparator Matthias Feuersenger ist für die Unversehrtheit der kostbaren Überreste verantwortlich. (..)" URL URL URL (Latter link may need registration by now) URL info: German press reports at URL URL Interview with Wilfried Rosendahl, director of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen. info: video report: "Die Durchleuchtung der Mumien" [2:33 mins.] URL info: German press report at URL "Eine Ausstellung im Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum zeigt mehr als hundert Leichname aus der ganzen Welt. Die Schau rührt an – auch schmerzvolle – letzte Fragen. Sie präsentiert überdies neue Forschungsmethoden. (..)" info: German press report at URL info: German press report at URL info: German press report at URL "Nach der Wiederentdeckung der Mumien in ihren Beständen 2004 und der international bestückten Sonderausstellung 2007 bieten die Reiß-Engelhorn-Museen Mannheim (rem) nach nunmehr über 10 Jahren eine zweite Präsentation mit dem Titel 'Mumien - Geheimnisse des Lebens' vom 16.9.2018 - 31.3.2019 an. In diese Präsentation flossen zum einen auch die Erkenntnisse der anschließenden Mannheimer Wanderausstellung ab 2008 in zwei Kontinenten, d.h. sieben Ländern, besucht von drei Millionen interessierter Besucher und entsprechender Stellungnahmen; zum anderen wurden neueste Forschungsergebnisse internationaler Experten auf dem Gebiet der Mumien-Analyse im Rahmen des 'German Mummy Project' unter der Federführung der rem integriert. (..)" --AUSTRIA-- a) Österreichische Nationalbibliothek Josefsplatz 1, 1015 Wien URL * “Schatzkammer des Wissens. 650 Jahre Österreichische Nationalbibliothek” date: 26 January 2018 - 13 January 2019 info: URL info: German press report at URL "Die am Freitag anlaufende Ausstellung zum 650. Jahresjubiläum der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB) führt nicht nur an deren historische Anfänge: Das Evangeliar des Johannes von Troppau, 1368 gefertigt und allererstes bis heute im Bestand befindliches Werk, gilt als ihr Gründungskodex. Auch elf weitere Trouvaillen sind konservatorisch so empfindlich, dass sie nur für kurze Zeit gezeigt werden können. Darunter eine ägyptische Papyrusurkunde aus dem 2. Jahrhundert, die Originalhandschrift von Mozarts "Requiem" (1791) oder das Aquarell "Bengalischer Tiger aus der Menagerie in Schönbrunn" (um 1799) des Hofbotanikmalers Matthias Schmutzer. (..)" b) - c) Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Maria-Theresien-Platz, 1010 Wien URL * "Spitzmaus Mummy in a Coffin and Other Treasures: Wes Anderson and Juman Malouf at the Kunsthistorisches Museum" date: 6 November 2018 - 28 April 2019 info: URL info: English press report at URL info: English video at URL info: Dutch press report at URL info: German press release at URL With trailer video. info: Spanish press report at URL info: German press reports at URL URL info: Spanish press report at URL info: English press report at URL "(..) The oldest object is a necklace strung together in ancient Egypt from ceramic beads (...)." --EGYPT-- a) Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Maydan El Tahrir, Cairo * “The Colors of Ancient Egypt” date: 1-30 November 2018 A media exhibition that brings ancient Egyptian art back to life through the so-called “Image-Mapping” technique. info: URL "(..) Image-Mapping is a projection technology and is used to draw with visible light through a computer and a projector. The light-projected shapes appear colored step by step as we carefully fill out the hieroglyphs and the depicted scenes. While doing this procedure we work hand in hand with archeologists and conservators in the museum to ensure a color accuracy with accordance to originality. This requires us to inspire local archaeologists to scientifically research each chosen object in order to find out what the true colors were. (..)" --ITALY-- a) Musei Civici di Modena Largo Porta S.Agostino, 337 - 41121 Modena URL * “Storie d’Egitto. La riscoperta della raccolta egizia del Museo” [Stories from Egypt. The rediscovery of the Egyptian collection of the Museum] date: 16 Februari 2019 - TBA Exhibition about the Museum's collection, with as centrepiece a child mummy and its facial reconstruction. info: Italian press reports at URL URL b) GruCity Via Crea, 10, 10095 Grugliasco TO URL * "L'Antico Egitto" date: 9 November 2018 - 6 January 2019 info: Italian press report at URL "Come sono state costruite le piramidi? Che cosa cucinavano gli antichi egizi? Come si curavano? Come garantivano la sicurezza nelle strade? E quali erano i segreti di bellezza dei faraoni e delle regine? GruCity, in collaborazione con il Museo Egizio, risponderà a queste e altre domande sull’Antico Egitto attraverso la creazione di una serie di attività per i più piccoli all’interno degli edifici che ospitano i mestieri della città, creando un fil rouge storico che lega i lavori che fanno 'i grandi' con quelli che facevano gli antichi egizi. (..)" c) Castello Sforzesco Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano URL * "Antonio Beato: Viaggio in Egitto - nell’Archivio del Touring Club Italiano e in collaborazione con il Civico Archivio Fotografico di Milano" date: 16 May 2018 - 24 June 2018 place: Sala Conferenze, Civico Archivio Fotografico – Raccolta delle Stampe “A. Bertarelli” Exhibition with 48 historical photos made by Antonio Beato (1825 - 1903) who resided in Luxor since 1862. info: URL info: Italian press reports at URL With slideshow of sample pictures and a video. URL info: Italian press report at URL d) Ex Convento dei Crociferi Catania * "Missione Egitto 1903-1920. L’avventura archeologica M.A.I. raccontata " [Mission Egypt 1903-1920. The archaeological adventure M.A.I. (will be) told] date: TBA (was: Autumn 2017) The exhibition tells the story of the Italian Archaeological Mission in Egypt between 1903 and 1920, under the guidance of Ernesto Schiaparelli. Currently at the Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino (11 March 2017 - 10 September 2017). info: source - Italian press reports at URL "(..) "La Mostra Missione Egitto, che attualmente e' aperta al Museo Egizio di Torino - ha aggiunto Leon - proseguira' a Catania. La tappa di Catania risulta propedeutica a un'eventuale apertura di una sezione egizia, ma e' altresi' strategica per incrementare la visibilita' del brand Museo Egizio e per diffondere la conoscenza delle proprie collezioni. (..)" URL "(..) La prima scadenza fissata è per ottobre, mese in cui le stanze dovranno ospitare i primi manufatti del Museo Egizio." info: Italian press reports at URL "Il Museo Egizio è sempre più vicino a Catania. Nella sede del Mibact, è stato firmato il protocollo d’intesa per la realizzazione a Catania della mostra temporanea ‘Missione Egitto 1903 -1920’ e dell’esposizione museale ‘Egizio e Catania’ che ufficializza la collaborazione tra le tre istituzioni per lo sviluppo di un nuovo progetto culturale. (..)" URL URL info: Italian press report at URL "(...) In attesa che il nuovo polo museale apra definitivamente i battenti, il Comune di Catania e la Fondazione per dare avvio al progetto hanno programmato una mostra temporanea dal titolo 'Missione Egitto 1903-1920', della durata massima di nove mesi, che verrà allestita nel corso del 2018 sotto la responsabilità del Comune negli spazi del Nuovo Museo e nell’ambito della quale la Fondazione effettuerà un prestito di determinati reperti. (..)" * "Egizio e Catania" [Opening of an annexe of the Museo Egizio di Torino] date: September [was: TBA], 2018 - Ongoing info: Italian press reports at URL "Ora è ufficiale: la sezione distaccata del Museo Egizio di Torino aprirà ad Aprile 2017. (...) L’apertura di una sezione staccata del Museo Egizio di Torino a Catania sarà concretizzata in un’ala vasta circa mille metri quadrati del Convento dei Crociferi, che ancora oggi necessita delle ultime migliorie per essere pronto all’ allestimento del museo entro i primi mesi del 2017, dato che già in primavera si apriranno i battenti. (..)" info: Italian press reports at URL URL Things seem to be much more uncertain than was announced before... URL URL info: Italian press release at URL info: Italian press report at URL "(..) La mostra sarà allestita in uno spazio espositivo di circa 530 mq, ricavato all’interno del Palazzo dei Crociferi. Il progetto è nato con il Protocollo d’Intesa firmato il 24 novembre 2017 tra la Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie di Torino, la Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per la Città Metropolitana di Torino ed il Comune di Catania. Per dare avvio al progetto il Comune di Catania e la Fondazione hanno programmato una mostra temporanea dal titolo “Missione Egitto 1903-1920”, della durata massima di 9 mesi, che verrà allestita nel corso del 2018 sotto la responsabilità del Comune di Catania negli spazi del Nuovo Museo e nell’ambito della quale la Fondazione effettuerà un prestito di determinati reperti. (..)" info: Italian press report at URL "Dovrebbe aprire i battenti a settembre del 2018. Tra qualche mese, dopo un lungo dibattito corredato da polemiche, la succursale catanese del Museo egizio di Torino dovrebbe vedere la luce all’interno di quello che è uno dei complessi architettonici più belli di Catania, l’ex convento dei Padri crociferi, nell’omonima via, un tempo sede di un sindacato e oggi recuperato al pubblico. (...) In attesa che il nuovo polo museale apra definitivamente i battenti, il Comune di Catania e la Fondazione per dare avvio al progetto hanno programmato una mostra temporanea dal titolo 'Missione Egitto 1903-1920', della durata massima di nove mesi, che verrà allestita nel corso del 2018 sotto la responsabilità del Comune negli spazi del Nuovo Museo e nell’ambito della quale la Fondazione effettuerà un prestito di determinati reperti. (..)" e) Museo della Città di Palazzo San Sebastiano Palazzo San Sebastiano Largo XXIV Maggio, 12, 46100 Mantova (MN) URL * Opening of a new Egyptological/Near Eastern Gallery (?) date: Autumn 2018 The Acerbi Collection of 500 Egyptian objects will move from the Palazzo Te (also in Mantova) to the Palazzo San Sebastiano, together with the Arabic and Mesopotamian collections. info: source - Italian press reports at URL "(..) le raccolte egizia e araba di Acerbi e la mesopotamica di Ugo Sissa troveranno in autunno nuova sede al museo della Città, in palazzo San Sebastiano. (..)" Note the series of lectures about the collection. URL URL info: some background information about the Acerbi Collection - URL URL f) Accademia d'Egitto Via Omero, 4 - 00197 Roma URL * "Egitto dal cielo, 1914. La riscoperta del fotografo pioniere, prigioniero, professionista Theodor Kofler" [Egypt from the Sky, 1914. The rediscovery of the photographer pioneer, prisoner, professional Theodor Kofler] date: 16 April 2015 - TBA The exhibition, conceived and curated by Professor Patrizia Piacentini, celebrates the centennial of the first aerial photographs of ancient Egyptian monuments, collected in an amazing album preserved in the Egyptological Archives of the Università degli Studi di Milano since 2001. Despite his skills, Kofler, as a photographer, was until now almost unknown. He has been rediscovered thanks to research of the Milanese Chair of Egyptology, started more than 10 years ago and undertaken in different European and African countries. Earlier at the Università degli Studi di Milano (11 February 2015 - 13 March 2015). info: URL info: Italian press report at URL g) Palazzo dei Papi di Viterbo Piazza San Lorenzo, 8 – 01100 Viterbo, Lazio URL * "L’Egitto a Viterbo. I tesori di Tutankhamon, la tomba, il corredo. Repliche dall’Egitto a Palazzo dei Papi" [Egypt in Viterbo. The treasures of Tutankhamun, the tomb, the (burial) objects. Replicas from Egypt in the Palazzo dei Papi] date: 1 July 2018 - 6 January 2019 [prolongation; was: till 28 October 2018] Exhibition of some 250 replicas of (mostly) KV62 objects. info: URL info: URL info: English press reports at URL "(..) The reproductions, at the end of the show, will be put on sale (..)" URL info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL URL info: Italian press report URL info: Italian press report at URL "(..) una sorta di viaggio nella storia dei faraoni, con repliche di tesori antichi realizzati con le stesse tecniche e gli stessi materiali di tremila anni fa. Tra questi, riproduzioni fedeli di parte del tesoro di Tutankhamon. Oltre a questi oggetti, arriveranno le riproduzioni di icone che mostrano il radicamento della comunità cristiano-coopta in quei luoghi. (..)" info: Italian press report at URL "(..) In seconda istanza la presenza di don Emanuele Germani, portavoce del vescovo Lino Fumagalli, a Il Cairo e ad Alessandria d’Egitto è servita a mettere a punto alcuni dettagli della grande mostra sui tesori dei faraoni egiziani (repliche autorizzate e certificate dallo Stato), in programma al Palazzo dei Papi nella prossima primavera. La sala del Conclave nel centro di Viterbo è destinata a ospitare oltre un centinaio di testimonianze dei faraoni, oltre a una numerosa serie di icone della sacra Famiglia di matrice cristiano/copta proprio per rinsaldare il legame e lo scambio di rapporti con la Chiesa romana (..)" info: Italian press report at URL "(..) Non secondario per importanza, nell'incontro a Soriano sono stati approfonditi gli aspetti della mostra di reperti antichi dall'Egitto e delle icone copte, in programma dalla fine di giugno 2018 al palazzo dei Papi. Una mostra dal respiro internazionale, che la Sib (Societ? italiana di beneficenza, senza fini di lucro) della famiglia Benedetti sta mettendo a punto, con la Fondazione Caffeina, con le autorità ministeriali egiziane." info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL info: Italian press report at URL Here it is said that there wil be 150 KV62 replicas and 30 Coptic icons. info: Italian press reports at URL "(..) l’esposizione di circa 250 riproduzioni di tesori archeologici egizi, e 50 Icone Copte. Ad essere esposto in copie perfette sarà tra l’altro l’intero tesoro di Tutankhamon, con la sua celebre maschera mortuaria d’oro, lapislazzuli e paste vitree, il sarcofago ed il cocchio del faraone morto giovanissimo ma divenuto quintessenza dell’Egittomania. (..)" URL URL Has the poster. info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL info: English press report at URL "The Cairo Opera Ballet Company and the Reda Troupe for Folkloric Arts will give performances during Italy’s Caffeina 2018 festival, which will take place in the city of Viterbo from 22 June and 1 July. (..)" info: English press reports at URL URL With photos of the opening. URL "(..) Egyptian officials inaugurated on Monday in Viterbo, Italy the start of an exhibit of 190 ancient Egyptian artefacts as part of a cultural exhibition that is touring Italian cities for six months. Egyptian antiquities ministry official Amr El-Tibi said that the exhibit includes [replicas of] the most important artefacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun, including the king's famous golden death mask, his war chariot and his bed. The exhibit also includes a model of the cemetery at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor as well as replicas of the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti. (..)" info: Italian press reports at URL With photos/slidehow of the opening. URL Includes a video report [5:58 mins.] and a slideshow. info: Italian press reports at URL Includes a slideshow. URL "In soli sette giorni di esposizione sono già oltre mille i visitatori che hanno scelto di visitare la mostra (..)." info: Italian press reports at URL URL Includes a slideshow. info: video report "I tesori della tomba di Tutankhamon" [6:51 mins.] at URL info: Italian press report at URL "Le 250 riproduzioni di tesori archeologici egizi in perfetta imitazione dei capolavori custoditi al Museo Archeologico del Cairo, in mostra al Palazzo dei Papi di Viterbo" info: French press report at URL info: Italian press report at URL "Nubiani, libici e asiatici, tutti sotto i piedi di Tutankhamon - I reperti della mostra a palazzo dei Papi che raccontano storie di conquiste e schiavitù" Includes a video report [6:52 mins.]. info: Italian press report at URL info: Italian press reports at URL URL info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL "La fedele riproduzione della tomba del faraone più famoso dell'antichità è stata realizzata dagli stessi studiosi egiziani. Gioielli, troni, sarcofagi e sfingi, ma soprattutto la straordinaria maschera funeriaria. - Falsi, falsissimi, che più falsi non si può. Ma d'autore. Realizzati addirittura dal Dipartimento Repliche del Ministero delle Antichità Egiziano, e quindi, in qualche modo, autentici. (...) Le copie sono realizzate in maniera perfetta: tra queste il pezzo forte è ovviamente la celeberrima maschera funeraria del Faraone Tutakhamon." URL info: Italian press report at URL "Duecentocinquanta pezzi. Per un valore complessivo che si aggira attorno ai 300 mila euro in tutto. Tanto vale la mostra dedicata ai tesori del faraone Tutankhamon in corso a Palazzo dei papi a Viterbo fino al 28 ottobre. Un percorso all’interno della tomba del giovane sovrano d’Egitto scoperta dall’archeologo inglese carter all’inizio degli anni ’20. Pezzi unici, copie autentiche dell’originale." info: Italian press report at URL info: Italian press reports at URL "Quasi 30 mila visitatori in tre mesi, con centinaia di studenti ad ammirarla ogni giorno. Oltre a tantissime richieste di appassionati e turisti da ogni parte d'Italia. Sono i numeri che hanno 'costretto' la SIB (Società italiana di beneficienza) del Cavaliere Eugenio Benedetti, con la Fondazione Caffeina Cultura, a chiedere e ottenere - almeno fino al 6 gennaio 2019 - il prolungamento della mostra 'I tesori di Tutankhamon', dal settembre scorso esposta a Viterbo. L’iniziale data di chiusura al 28 ottobre è stata infatti superata dagli eventi. (..)" URL "Foto straordinarie ed esclusive, quelle che una lettrice di Tusciaweb ha inviato alla redazione. In vacanza al Cairo, la capitale dell’Egitto, Ines Corinti racconta: 'Ho visitato il laboratorio dove nascono le repliche dei tesori di Tutankhamon. Si trova al Cairo, vicino alla Cittadella'. (...) Immagini esclusive, in cui artisti egiziani, armati di colori e pennelli, riproducono a mano i tesori della tomba di Tutankhamon. Copie autentiche e fedelissime all’originale. (..)" info: Italian press reports at URL URL Includes a video report [3:27 mins.] and a slideshow. * "L’Egitto a Viterbo. Le Icone Copte. Capolavori di arte egiziana cristiana [Egypt in Viterbo. Coptic Icons. Masterpieces of Egyptian Christian art] date: 25 June 2018 - 28 October 2018 Exhibition of ca. 50 replicas of Coptic icons. info: URL info: URL info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL info: French press report at URL "(..) elle comprendra 60 pièces représentant l’art copte. Cette collection varie entre des répliques d’icônes exposées au Musée copte et représentant le circuit de la Sainte Famille en Egypte, en plus d’une vingtaine d’autres répliques de pièces provenant de sites coptes. (..)" h) Palazzo Loredan – Istituto Veneto di Scienze Lettere ed Arti Campo S. Stefano, 2945, 30124 San Marco, Venezia VE URL * “Idoli – Il potere dell’immagine” [Idols - The power of the image] date: 15 September 2018 - 20 January 2019 Exhibition with ca. 100 figurines from several Eurasian and North-African cultures (incl. Egypt) during the Neolithic and Bronze Age (4000-2000 BC). info: URL info: Italian press reports at URL URL i) Museo archeologico nazionale dell’Umbria [MANU] Piazza Giordano Bruno, 10, 06121 Perugia URL * "Seduzioni d’Egitto, materiali egizi dalla collezione del MANU" [Seductions of Egypt, Egyptian material from the collection of MANU] date: 29 September 2018 - 31 January 2019 Exhibition with Ancient Egyptian objects from the collection of the Museum. info: URL info: Italian press reports at URL "Curata dalla stagista Maddalena Scattini, orientalista, archeologa della Scuola di specializzazione dell’Università di Trieste, in collaborazione con la direttrice Luana Cenciaioli, l’esposizione propone reperti collocabili cronologicamente tra il Nuovo Regno (momento di massima espansione dell'influenza egizia, dal 1552 a.C. al 1069 a.C.) e il periodo romano (a partire dal 30 a.C.) e provenienti prevalentemente dall’area di Tebe, l’odierna Luxor: amuleti apotropaici di diverso materiale, statuette in lega di rame, modellini replicanti servitori o lo stesso alter ego del defunto mummificato (shabti o “coloro che rispondono all’appello”) conservatiin apposite scatole lignee a forma di santuari. Tra gli oggetti di maggiore interesse figura lo shabti del faraone Seti I Menmaatra." info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL j) Centro culturale Altinate/San Gaetano via Altinate, 71, Padova * "L’Egitto di Belzoni. Un gigante nella terra delle piramidi" [Belzoni's Egypt. A giant in the land of the pyramids] date: October 2019 - June 2020 info: Italian press report at URL "Noto al mondo per le sue imprese al limite dell’impossibile, il padovano Giovanni Battista Belzoni (1778-1823) e’ curiosamente poco noto in patria. Eppure e’ a lui che si deve la nascita della moderna egittologia. A far luce su questa singolare figura sara’ la mostra 'L’Egitto di Belzoni. Un gigante nella terra delle piramidi', da ottobre 2019 a giugno 2020 al Centro culturale Altinate/San Gaetano." k) Museo Egizio di Milano, Castello Sforzesco Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano URL * Closed for renovation date: 5 June 2018 - June/July 2019 info: URL info: Italian press reports at URL "(...) il museo egizio, che invece aveva molti appassionati in particolare fra le scolaresche, è chiuso per ristrutturazione da oltre un anno e la riapertura è prevista solo per giugno 2019." URL "Da giugno 2017 a giugno 2019 il Museo Egizio sarà chiuso per rinnovo del percorso espositivo." l) Museo Egizio Via Accademia delle Scienze 6, 10123, Torino * "Anche le statue muoiono. Conflitto e patrimonio tra antico e contemporaneo" [Statues also Die, Conflict and Heritage between Ancient and Contemporary] date: 9 March 2018 - 6 January 2019 [prolongation; was: till 9 September 2018] A multi-location exhibition that "presents a dialogue between artworks and artefacts from different ages and geographical contexts centred on the theme of destruction and loss, and so at the same time of conservation and protection of the Heritage." Also includes several ancient Egyptian objects. info: URL info: URL In English: URL info: Italian press reports at URL URL "«Anche le statue muoiono» è il titolo di una mostra intelligente e coraggiosa che si apre oggi a Torino (...). Coraggiosa (auguri!) perché per nulla spettacolare ma piuttosto concettuale, e perché fa appello non alle emozioni ma alla riflessione, mettendo in dialogo archeologia e arte contemporanea (...) Sono molteplici gli accidenti che possono occorrere nella vita di una statua: gli insulti del tempo, la mano dell’uomo. Nell’ultima sala, il volto ligneo di Upuautemhat, un dignitario egiziano del Medio Regno (circa 1900 a.C.), non ha più gli occhi, strappati via in età antica per recuperare le pietre dure e i metalli di cui erano fatti, ma forse anche per impedire al personaggio raffigurato di vedere, nella tomba, il saccheggio operato intorno a lui dai predatori e prevenirne la magica potenza vendicativa. La biografia degli oggetti è il filo conduttore della mostra: dal momento in cui sono stati prodotti, al loro utilizzo, all’abbandono e alla morte e distruzione, fino alla seconda vita, quando sono stati recuperati dagli archeologi e sono entrati in una collezione museale. Ma proprio qui si annida una criticità, su cui puntano il dito gli artisti d’oggi: che ne è di un reperto archeologico quando viene estrapolato dal suo contesto e finisce dentro una teca?" With a video of a press conference. info: Italian press report at URL Includes a slideshow. info: Italian press report at URL "(..) Il tema centrale della mostra è la vulnerabilità, intesa come distruzione sistematica e consapevole del patrimonio culturale. Una tematica delicata, alla quale viene affiancata l’importanza della conservazione e protezione dei beni artistici di ogni epoca. (..)" info: Italian press report at URL "Visitata da oltre 150mila persone la mostra 'Anche le statue muoiono. Conflitto e patrimonio tra antico e contemporaneo' è stata prorogata fino al 6 gennaio 2019. L’esposizione affronta un tema di stringente attualità: l'importanza della tutela e della protezione del patrimonio culturale." * "Archeologia dell’invisibile" date: 12 March 2019 - TBA info: Italian press report at URL "Le mummie mai violate fino ad ora potranno essere analizzate a fondo e le tac saranno in grado di far emergere particolari non visibili dall'occhio umano.I volti di Kha e di Merit, le due mummie ritrovare dall’egittologo italiano Ernesto Schiapparelli ed esposte al Museo Egizio di Torino, saranno svelati con i loro gioielli grazie ad uno ‘sbendaggio virtuale’. (..)" m) Corso della Repubblica 11 60044 Fabriano (AN) * "Il profumo dei suoni attraverso il colore: Egitto." date: 1 December 2018 - 6 January 2019 Exhibition of paintings made by Roberto Moschini, inspired by ancient and modern Egypt. info: poster at URL info: Italian press report at URL n) Centro Comercial Ipercity Via Giovanni Verga, 1, 35020 Albisagno * "Il Gigante delle piramidi" [The giant of the pyramids] date: 12 November 2018 - 9 December 2018 A miniature museum / exhibition for children, dedicated to Giovanni Battista Belzoni. info: URL info: Italian press report at URL "Un vero e proprio museo interattivo dedicato a Giovanni Battista Belzoni, alle sue scoperte archeologiche e alle sue spedizioni in Egitto: dal 12 novembre al 9 dicembre, il Centro Commerciale Ipercity offrirà un percorso didattico e culturale per conoscere uno dei padovani più apprezzati nel mondo. (..)" o) Museo Archeologico agli Eremitani a Padova Piazza Eremitani 8, Padova * “Belzoni and Egypt” (preliminary title) date: 2019 info: source - Italian press report at URL p) - q) Museo Orientale "Umberto Scerrato" dell’Università degli studi di Napoli L’Orientale Palazzo Du Mesnil, Via Chiatamone 61/62, 80100 Napoli * “Cinque Mummie Egiziane di Gatti” [working title] date: 18 May 2017 - ongoing [visits only by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays, 11-14 h] info: Italian press report at URL --FRANCE-- a) La Grande halle de la Villette 211 avenue Jean Jaurés, 75019 Paris * "Toutankhamon: Le Tresor du Pharaon" ["King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh"] date: 23 [was: 20] March 2019 - 15 [was: 30] September 2019 Exhibition to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, with over 150 authentic[!] artifacts from KV62, 60 of which have never traveled outside of Egypt. Currently it is at California Science Center, Los Angeles (March 24, 2018 - January 6, 2019). info: URL info: English press report at URL info: French press report at URL "En 2019, ce seront en tout cas des pièces originales, provenant du Grand Egyptian Museum, qui seront présentées, du 1er mars au 30 septembre, dans une exposition majeure à la Grande Halle de La Villette. On ne connaît pour l’heure ni son parcours ni les pièces majeures qui y seront exposées (...)" info: URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL info: English press reports at URL info: English press report at URL "(..) The Louvre is lending one of its masterpieces, a statue of the god Amun protecting Tutankhamun, to the show. (..)" info: French press report at URL b) Musée de Grenoble 5, place de Lavalette, 38000 Grenoble URL * "Servir les Dieux d’Egypte. Divines adoratrices, chanteuses et prêtres d'Amon à Thèbes" date: 25 [was: 27] October 2018 - 27 January 2019 Exhibition with 273 objects on loan from the Musée du Louvre and other museums, illustrating Thebes during the Third Intermediate Period. info: URL info: URL info: French press report at URL "(..) 'Le thème est exceptionnel dans la mesure où on va traiter de la société thébenne autour du temple d'Amon à la troisième période intermédiaire' détaille Valérie Huss, conservatrice du patrimoine au Musée de Grenoble. 'Donc on sera à la pointe de la recherche scientifique dans le domaine, _c'est un sujet qui n'a jamais été traité en exposition_.' (..)" Includes a video report [2:00 mins.] info: French press reports at URL With a video of a French TV-report. URL With a video of a French TV-report. info: French press report at URL "(...) cet automne, c’est un projet atypique que nous dévoilera l’institution, organisé avec le fameux Musée du Louvre : une exposition consacrée à l’Égypte antique.. Baptisée _Servir les Dieux d’Égypte – Divines adoratrices, chanteuses et prêtres d'Amon à Thèbes_, cette proposition se basera aussi bien sur le fonds grenoblois très riche en la matière (dont une partie est visible à l’année dans les collections permanentes) que sur des prêts venus de prestigieux musées internationaux (le Louvre donc, mais aussi le British museum de Londres par exemple)." info: French press report at URL info: French press reports at URL Includes a video report [1:54 mins.]. URL Includes a video report [2:00 mins.]. info: French press report at URL info: French press report at URL info: French press reports at URL URL URL Includes a video report [1:28 mins.]. URL "(..) L’exposition est divisée en quatre parties : (...): Thèbes au 1er millénaire redécouverte. (...) D’Amon à Osiris, des prêtres dans la nécropole. (...) Des prêtres dans le temple d’Amon à Karnak. (...) Des femmes dans le temple d’Amon. (..)" info: French press reports at URL Includes a video report [4:05 mins.]. URL URL "'Servir les dieux d'Egypte' rassemble, en plus du riche fonds grenoblois, 200 œuvres prêtées par le Musée du Louvre. Immersion dans les coulisses de cette exposition avant la plongée dans l'influente ville de Thèbes, il y a 3000 ans. (..)" Includes 5 video reports [1:59; 4:06; 3:53; 4:08; 4:01 mins.]. info: French blog report at URL An interview with Florence Gombert-Meurice and Frédéric Payraudeau, including pictures of some of the objects exhibited. info: English press report at URL "(..) In total, 200 out of 270 pieces on display have been loaned by the Louvre, some never before seen, but also by a handful of other european museums, including the British Museum in London and the Kunsthistorisches museum of Vienna. (..) The visitor discovers for the first time gathered the coffins of the members of the same family, the family of Pamy, whose ties have been brought to light by recent research. (..)" info: French press reports at URL URL info: French press report at URL "(..) Le cap des 20 000 visiteurs est en effet dépassé ! Avec un pic notable dimanche dernier (le premier dimanche du mois étant un jour de gratuité) à 5 000 ! (..)" info: French press reports at URL URL URL "25.000 visiteurs en tout juste deux semaines, jamais une exposition du musée de Grenoble n’avait connu un tel démarrage. Visiblement l’Egypte fait toujours recette. (..)" c) Bibliothèque de l'Alcazar 58 Cours Belsunce, 13001 Marseille * "De Marseille au Caire. Le docteur Clot-Bey et la redécouverte de l’Egypte au début du XIXe siècle" [From Marseille to Cairo. The doctor Clot-Bey and the rediscovery of Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century] [new] date: Spring 2019 [postponed; was: 15 Sept. 2018 - 17 Nov. 2018] Exhibition focussing on Clot-Bey (1793-1868) who was founder of the Egyptian collection of the Musée d'archéologie méditerranéenne; he belongs to the first generation of Egyptologists, like Champollion. In addition, a selection of books about Egypt from the 16th to the 17th centuries will be displayed. info: initial source - URL info: later source - p. 4 of URL d) Musée Crozatier 2, rue Antoine-Martin, 43000 Le Puy-en-Velay URL * Reopening of the museum date: 6 July 2018 - ongoing * "Naissance & Renaissance du Musée" date: 18 July 2018 - 4 November 2018 Reopening's exhibition, including two restored mummy coffins (Henut, dyn. 18) and canopic jars (Padineith, LP). e) Musée des Ponts et Chaussées Ferme de la Chesnaye, RD 34, 36150 Guilly URL * "Le Canal de Suez: « le chantier du siècle »" [working title] date: May 2019 - TBA Exhibition at the occassion of the 150th anniversary of the Suez Canal. info: source - French press report at URL "(..) Pourcette expo, le muséographe Michel Labrousse lance d’ailleurs un appel à la population locale. « Nous savons que Ferdinand de Lesseps a emmené des habitants d’ici participer avec lui à la construction du canal. Nous sommes preneurs de témoignages ou de documents (courriers, photos) conservés par les familles. »" f) - g) La Petite Galerie Aile Richelieu Musée du Louvre 75058 Paris Cedex 01 * "L'archéologie en bulles" [Archaeology Goes Graphic] date: 26 September 2018 - 1 July 2019 Exhibition about the dialogue between archaeology and comic book art, with about a hundred artworks and a selection of original pages by comic book artists with an interest in archaeology (such as Jul, Enki Bilal, and Nicolas de Crécy). info: (in French) URL info: (in English)[PDF; 0.6 MB): URL info: French press report at URL info: French press report at URL h) Musée municipal Josèphe Jacquiot 64 Ave de la République, 91230 Montgeron (Essonne) URL * "Etienne Drioton, un égyptologue au fil du Nil" date: 11 January 2019 - 2 February 2019 Exhibition of 250 photographs made by Egyptologist Etienne Drioton during his stay in Egypt (1925-1952). In commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the birth of Etienne Drioton. place: Carré d’Art de Montgeron, 2 rue des Bois, 91230 Montgeron info: URL With an online dossier/catalogue (14 pp., illustrated; PDF file): URL i) Musée des Antiquités 198, rue Beauvoisine ou rue Louis Ricard, 76 000 Rouen URL * "Le Temps des Collections VII : Belles d'Égypte" date: 7 December 2018 - 19 May 2019 Exhibition of Coptic textiles. info: URL info: French press reports at URL URL j) Musée d'Histoire de Marseille 2, rue Henri-Barbusse, 13001 Marseille URL * "Marseille & L'épopée du Canal du Suez" [Marseille and the Epic of the Suez Canal] date: 19 October 2018 - 31 March 2019 Exhibition about the history of the Suez Canal, and notably Marseilles' historical relation to it. [Apparently a variation on the exhibition “L'épopée du canal de Suez. Des pharaons au XXIe siècle” at the Institut du monde arabe, Paris (28 March 2018 - 5 August 2018)? AKE] info: URL --VATICAN CITY-- a) Musei Vaticani Viale Vaticano, 00165 Roma URL * "Winckelmann. Capolavori diffusi nei Musei Vaticani" [Winckelmann. Masterpieces throughout Vatican Museum] date: 9 November 2018 - 9 March 2019 On the occasion of Winckelmann's dual anniversary - 300 years since his birth, and 250 since his tragic death -, the museum exhibits 50 objects from Ancient Egypt to the Renaissance. info: (in Italian) URL (in English) URL (in German) URL "Der Vatikan feiert einen Preußen aus dem Norden: Johann Joachim Winckelmann (Stendal 1717-Trieste 1768), der als der Vater der modernen Archäologie gilt, wird mit einer Ausstellung in den Vatikanischen Museen geehrt. (..)" info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL info: Spanish press report at URL "Los miles de turistas que visitan cada día los Museos Vaticanos podrán disfrutar desde hoy de una singular muestra que rinde homenaje a Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768), padre de la arqueología moderna y precursor de los historiadores del arte. (..)" --BELGIUM-- a) Xpo Center Bruges site Oud Sint-Jan, Mariastraat 38, 8000 Brugge URL * “Mummies in Bruges - Secrets of Ancient Egypt” date: 31 March 2018 - 30 November 2019 OR 5 January 2020 [prolongation; was: till 11 November 2018] Exhibition with 9 ancient Egyptian mummies (of humans and animals), plus 200 artefacts on loan from the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden. info: URL info: French press report at URL "L'exposition, qui présente notamment neuf momies humaines et animales datant de plus de 2.000 ans, a été inaugurée jeudi par l'ambassadeur égyptien Khaled El Bakly. Les pièces exposées sont réparties sur trois salles, autour de trois thèmes: 'la vie quotidienne des Egyptiens de l'Antiquité', 'Momies' et 'l'au-delà'. (..)" info: French press reports at URL URL info: Dutch press reports at URL URL info: Dutch press release at URL info: Dutch press reports at URL URL b) Musée royal de Mariemont Chaussée de Mariemont, 100, 7140 Morlanwelz URL * "La laine et le lin. Textiles égyptiens de l’Antiquité tardive" date: 2019 More than 200 fragments of coptic textile, recently donated by the King Baudouin Foundation. info: URL info: URL c) Teseum Museumkwartier 2, 3700 Tongeren URL * "De Kopten, een ander Egypte" [The Copts: the other Egypt] date: 16 June 2018 - 2 December 2018 Exhibition with ca. 80 Coptic artefacts on loan from The Phoebus Foundation; notably Coptic textiles, but also tools, Coptic texts, pottery, and other objects of daily life. info: URL info: Dutch press reports at URL With a video of a Flemish TV-report. URL idem. URL URL d) Musée du Chat et du Cartoon 6 rue Royalle, Bruxelles [yet to be build] * “Le chat dans l’Égypte ancienne” date: 2023 Exhibition about the cat in ancient Egyptian culture, with artefacts on loan from the Musée Art & Histoire du Cinquantenaire, the Louvre, and the British Museum. info: French press report at URL --SPAIN-- a) CaixaForum Girona Ciutadans, 19, 17004 Girona URL * “Faraón. Rey de Egipto [Pharaoh. King of Egypt] date: 20 February 2019 - 25 August 2019 Exhibition with more than 150 artefacts on loan from the British Museum. Currently at the CaixaForum Madrid (17 October 2018 - January 20, 2019). Will also travel to CaixaForum venues in Tarragona (2019), and Lleida (2020), and was earlier at the CaixaForum Barcelona (7 June 2018 - 16 September 2018). info: URL b) Cabildo Insular de La Gomera Calle Profesor Armas Fernández, nº 2, San Sebastián De La Gomera, Canarias, Spain 38800 URL * "Arqueología canaria en Egipto. Una visión fotográfica de la Misión de la Universidad de La Laguna en la tumba de Nisemro (TT 209, Luxor, Egipto) - José Miguel Barrios Mufrege" date: 30 October 2018 - 9 November 2018 Exhibition of ca. 50 photographs of excavation work in Egypt. Earlier at the Mutua de Accidentes de Canarias (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) (4-29 May 2018) and the Sala de Exposiciones, Cabildo de El Hierro, Valverde, Canarias (14 Sept 2018 - 10 Oct 2018). info: Spanish press reports at URL URL c) Museo Arqueológico Casa Castril, Carrera del Darro 41, 18010 Granada URL * Reopening of the museum with a "semi-permanent" exhibition "Treasures of the Archaeological Museum of Granada" date: 18 May 2018 - ongoing Exhibition of 120 pieces, including a vase of Takelot II (that was reused as a Phoenician urn). info: Spanish press report at URL Some info about the vase: URL d) CaixaForum Valencia Àgora, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, Valencia [opens in 2020] * "Momias egipcias. Explorando vidas antiguas" [Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives] date: 2022 The travelling exhibition of six mummies from the British Museum and their 3D CT scan visualisations, plus ca. 200 objects of funerary use and daily life. Currently in Australia. info: Spanish press reports at URL URL e) CaixaForum Madrid Paseo del Prado, 36, 28014 Madrid URL * "Faraón. Rey de Egipto" [Pharaoh. King of Egypt] date: 17 October 2018 - January 20, 2019 Exhibition with more than 150 artefacts on loan from the British Museum. Will also travel to CaixaForum venues in Girona (2019), Tarragona (2019), and Lleida (2020), and is earlier at the CaixaForum Barcelona (7 June 2018 - 16 September 2018). info: URL info: Spanish press report at URL info: Spanish press report at URL "Entre los platos fuertes está la exposición Faraón. Rey de Egipto (del 17 de octubre al 20 de enero; entrada 4 euros), fruto de la alianza entre La Caixa y el British Museum. En ella, los visitantes podrán explorar el simbolismo y el ideario de los reyes de Egipto a través de las 164 piezas. La muestra también incide en el papel de la mujer en la sociedad egipcia y hablará de las faraonas." info: Spanish press reports at URL With several photos. URL "(..) Esta exposición explora el simbolismo y el ideario de la monarquía egipcia, mostrando las historias que encierran las 164 piezas incluidas en la muestra como representación de esta antigua civilización”, dijo la comisaria del Departamento del Antiguo Egipto y Sudán del British Museum y comisaria jefe de la exposición, Marie Vandenbeusch. (..) En la exposición están incluidas esculturas, joyas, relieves, estelas, dinteles, papiros y otros objetos, incluido un capitel hathórico y un trozo del sarcófago colosal de Ramsés VI. (..)" With some photos. URL URL URL URL URL "La directora general adjunta de la Fundación Bancaria ”la Caixa”, Elisa Durán; la comisaria del Departamento del Antiguo Egipto y Sudán del British Museum y comisaria jefe de la exposición, Marie Vandenbeusch; y el comisario adjunto y conservador del Departamento del Antiguo Egipto y Sudán, Neal Spencer, han inaugurado en CaixaForum Madrid el nuevo proyecto conjunto entre ambas instituciones: Faraón. Rey de Egipto." Includes a video report [2:41 mins.] URL Includes a video report [3:59 mins.] of the displays when the show was in Barcelona. info: Spanish press report at URL "La nueva exposición de la Obra Social 'la Caixa', en colaboración con el British Museum, 'Faraón. Rey de Egipto', explora el simbolismo de los faraones y la idea de la monarquía egipcia, desvelando las miles de historias que encierran las 164 piezas que incluye la muestra. Desde grandiosas estatuas, relieves de templos perfectamente tallados y multitud de joyas de oro brillante, hasta los objetos más inusuales, como las incrustaciones de colores que decoraban el palacio del faraón, cartas inscritas a los aliados de Egipto en tablillas de arcilla, imágenes de gobernantes persas, griegos y romanos o, incluso, el arco de madera de uno de los comandantes del rey. (...)" With a video. info: Spanish press report at URL info: Spanish press reports at URL URL With a short video. f) Ayuntamiento Pilar de la Horadada Plaza Campoamor no. 2, 03190 Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante) * "Viaja al Antiguo Egipto" [Travels to Ancient Egypt] date: 26 November 2018 - 8 January 2019 Exhibition with replicas of Ancient Egyptian objects. info: URL g) - h) Museu Egipci de Barcelona / Museo Egipcio de Barcelona Carrer de València, 284, 08007 Barcelona URL * "Tutankhamón. Historia de un descubrimiento" [Tutankhamun. History of a discovery] date: 30 November 2012 - TBA [was: till 31 December 2015] [several times prolongated] info: URL * "Passió per l’Egipte faraònic. 200 anys de colleccionisme al Museu Egipci de Barcelona" / "Pasión por el Egipto faraónico. 200 años de coleccionismo en el Museo Egipcio de Barcelona" [Passion for Pharaonic Egypt. 200 years of collecting in the Museo Egipcio of Barcelona] date: 12 July 2018 - 31 December 2018 Exhibition with 105 original pieces of the collection of the Museu Egipci. info: (in Catalan and Spanish respectively) URL URL info: Spanish press report at URL "La Fundación Arqueológica Clos celebra 25 años con una exposición que rinde homenaje a los antiguos propietarios de las piezas de la colección del Museu Egipci (..)." Includes a video report [0:35 mins.]. info: Spanish press reports at URL URL URL "La Fundación Arqueológica Clos celebra 25 años con una exposición que rinde homenaje a los antiguos propietarios de las piezas de la colección del Museu Egipci (..)" Includes a video report [0:35 mins.]. info: Spanish press report at URL i) La Bohemia Calle Císcar nº14 - 12003 Castellón de la Plana URL * "Los reinos del silencio. El ritual funerario del antiguo Egipto" [The Realms of Silence. The Mortuary Ritual of Ancient Egypt] date: 4 October 2018 - 2 December 2018 Exhibition with 70 replicas to illustrate the funeral rites of ancient Egypt (sarcophagi, mummies and grave goods). info: URL info: Spanish press reports at URL URL URL info: Spanish press report at URL "El centro cultural La Bohemia de Castellón acoge desde este jueves y hasta el 2 de diciembre 'Los Reinos del Silencio', una exposición que permite adentrarse en los ritos funerarios del Antiguo Egipto y que cuenta con más de 60 piezas de gran valor patrimonial entre las que se encuentra reproducciones del ajuar funerario de Tutankamón y del 'Hombre de Gebelein', la primera momia egipcia hallada intacta." info: Spanish press report at URL "La muestra gira en torno a la muerte que legaron los egipcios, representada en cerca de 70 reproducciones de gran valor cultural (...) Una exposición que ha tardado más de un año en gestarse y que está despertando un gran interés entre los castellonenses, ya que solo en sus diez primeros días ha superado la cifra de los 2.200 visitantes." info: Spanish press report at URL --AUSTRALIA-- a) - b) Australian Museum 1 William Street, Sydney, NSW 2010 URL * "Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh" date: TBA, early 2021 (for six months) Exhibition to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, with over 150 authentic[!] artifacts from KV62, 60 of which have never traveled outside of Egypt. Currently at the California Science Center, Los Angeles (March 24, 2018 - January 6, 2019), and will travel to Europe in January 2019 as part of a 10-city international tour (Sidney is the 5th city). info: URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL URL URL URL URL info: English press report at URL info: English press reports at URL URL info: English press report at URL info: English press report at URL "The NSW government plans to spend $57.5 million to expand Australia's oldest museum so it can stage the blockbuster Tutankhamun exhibition and accommodate peak predictions of nine new visitors every minute. (..)" --LIECHTENSTEIN-- a) - ---SWITZERLAND--- a) - b) ArchéoLab Av. du Prieuré 4,1009 Pully URL * “Archéonimaux” date: 23 September 2017 - 16 December 2018 Exibition about the contacts between animals and humans in Antiquity, with 48 artefacts on loan from the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, many from ancient Egypt. info: URL info: URL info: overview (with photos) of the ancient Egyptian objects on loan from the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art - URL c) - d) - e) - f) - --NORWAY-- a) Kulturhistorisk museum / The Museum of Cultural History Historisk museum / The Historical Museum Frederiks gate 2, 0164 Oslo URL * "Egypt i bevegelse" [Egypt in Motion - Images of Egypt] date: 20 September 2018 - 20 December 2018 The exhibition shows the flood of images that followed in the wake of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and that made ancient Egypt a part of Western modernity. With artefacts on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, alongside two original copies of the book "Description de l'Égypte." info: URL URL info: English press reports at URL URL URL URL info: the accompanying book - URL URL --CROATIA-- a) Muzej Mimara [The Mimara Museum] Rooseveltov trg 5, Zagreb, 10000 URL * "Egipat u Hrvatskoj – hrvatska fascinacija starim Egiptom" [Egypt in Croatia - Croatian fascination with Ancient Egypt] date: 20 September-14 October 2018 Exhibition about the presence of ancient Egyptian materials and culture in Croatia from Antiquity to the modern times. It is divided in 21 topics which cover the diffusion of Egyptian cults during Antiquity, early travellers, development of Egyptology and Ancient Egyptian collections in Croatia, travellers during the 19th and 20th century, scholars, artists, collectors, Egyptomania, etc. info: URL info: flyer (PDF), in Croatian and English, at URL info: Croatian press reports at URL URL ---ROMANIA--- a) - --RUSSIA-- a) - --CZECH REPUBLIC-- a) Národní muzeum/National Museum Václavské nám. 68, 115 79 Prague 1 URL * “Ríša slnka: Abú Sír v dobe stavitelov pyramíd” [Empire of the Sun: Abusir at the time of the pyramid builders] date: 2019 Exhibition of 100-150 artifacts from the Czech archaeological excavations in Abusir. info: source - Czech press report at URL info: Czech press report at URL Lack of finances may hamper the organizing of the exhibition. info: Czech press reports at URL "(..) Rozpocet výstavy je stanoven na 43 miliony korun, z toho osm milionu korun na prípravné práce v roce 2018 a 35 milionu korun na samotnou realizaci výstavy v roce 2019, peníze by mely jít pres rozpocet ministerstva kultury. (..)" URL info: Czech press reports at URL URL b) Sluknovsky zamek Zamecka 642, 407 77 Sluknov URL * “Egypt dar Nilu” [Egypt, Gift of the Nile] date: 14 April 2018 - 21 June 2018. Exhibition of replicas of ancient Egyptian artefacts and other works of art that evoke the atmosphere of ancient Egypt, from the collection of Jan Hertlik. Earlier in Oblastní muzeum v Decine (28 October 2015 - 31 January 2016), Muzeum A Galerie V Prostejove (11 February 2016 - 27 March 2016), Muzeum pod vodarnou, Breclav (5 December 2016 - 31 January 2017), Oblastni muzeum v Moste (16 February 2017 - 7 May 2017), and Muzeum Vyskovska (5 December 2017 - 20 February 2018). info: URL --HUNGARY-- a) Hungarian Museum of Natural History Ludovika tér 2-6, 1083 Budapest URL * “A Világ Mumiái” [Mummies of the World] date: 16 August 2018 - 31 December 2018 The travelling exhibition with ca. 45 human and animal mummies and ca. 150 funeral artifacts from many cultures, incl. Egypt. It was at many venues in the USA during the past years (2015 - 2017), and recently in Europe (as “Mumie sveta”) at the Výstavišti Holešovice in Prague (1 February 2018 - 30 June2018). info: URL URL info: Hungarian press report at URL info: English press report at URL b) Szépmuvészeti Múzeum [Museum of Fine Arts] Dózsa György út 41, 1146 Budapest, URL * Re-opening after renovation (incl. a renewed ancient Egyptian permanent exhibition) date: 31 October 2018 - ongoing info: URL info: background information about the Egyptian collection at URL info: English press report at URL "(..) From Wednesday on, visitors will have access to the museum’s Egyptian and Greco-Roman exhibitions, as well as the galleries of antique statues and pictures, while all permanent exhibitions will open mid-next year, the director said. (..)" --POLAND-- a) Muzeum Niepolomice ul. Zamkowa 2, 32-005 Niepolomice URL * “Znajduje starozytnosci bardzo piekne. Antyk okiem kolekcjonera” date: 20 September 2017 - 31 December 2019 The exhibition includes ancient artifacts from the collections of the National Museum in Cracow, the Potocki Family from Krzeszowice, and the Czartoryski Museum in Cracow. About one hundred objects of Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman culture from the 17th century BC to the 4th century AD, including statues, sarcophagi, stelae, jewelery, cosmetic items, bronze and terracotta figurines, etc. info: URL info: Polish press reports at URL URL URL b) - c) Panstwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne ul. Dluga 52 - Arsenal, 00-241 Warszawa * "Dom wiecznosci wezyra. Grobowiec Merefnebef i jego odkrywca" [House of the eternity of the vizier. The tomb of Merefnebef and its discoverer] date: 8 December 2017 - 31 August 2018 [prolongation; was: till 31 March 2018] A 1:1 copy of the tomb chapel of the vizier Merefnebef is on display. info: URL info: Polish press reports at URL URL info: Polish press report at URL With audio file of radio programme. --JAPAN--- a) - --TAIWAN-- a) - --UNITED ARAB EMIRATES-- a) Louvre Abu Dhabi URL * TBA --MEXICO-- a) Biblioteca Pública del Estado de Jalisco "Juan José Arreola" Universidad de Guadalajara Periférico Norte Manuel Gómez Morín no. 1695, Colonia Belenes, C.P. 45100 Zapopan, Jalisco * "Tutankamón: la tumba, el oro y la maldición" [Tutankhamun. The tomb, the gold and the curse] date: 23 March 2018 - 30 November 2018 [prolongation; was: till 23 September 2018] Exhibition (travelling through Europe and Mexico since some years) with about 200 objects, 30 original and the rest replicas. info: URL info: Spanish press releases of the Universidad de Guadalajara: URL Includes a slideshow. URL info: Spanish press reports at URL URL URL URL URL Includes several photographs which give an impression of the objects displayed in this exhibition info: Spanish press report at URL ---ISRAEL--- a) - --NEW ZEALAND-- a) Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities University of Canterbury Arts Location, The Arts Centre of Christchurch, 3 Hereford Street, Christchurch. URL URL * "Beyond the Grave: Death in ancient times" date: 5 May 2018 - 24 February 2019 Exhibition about funerary artefacts from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, on loan from Canterbury Museum, Otago Museum, and the collection of Doug and Anemarie Gold. info: URL info: URL ---PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA--- a) Hunan Provincial Museum 50 Dongfeng Road, Changsha, Hunan URL * "Pharaohs, Gods and Mummies" [was: "Egypt, House of Eternity" / "Gift of the Nile"] date: 28 September 2018 - 5 December [was: 28 November] 2018 Exhibition of 238 ancient Egyptian artefacts on loan from the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Earlier at the Henan Museum (8 December 2017 - 22 March 2018), the Shanxi Museum of Taiyuan (13 April 2018 - 24 June 2018) and the Liaoning Museum of Shenyang (5 July 2018 - 16 September 2018); the show will later travel to the Guandong Provincial Museum of Guangzhou (11 December 2018 - 11 March 2019). info: English press release at URL info: English press report at URL b) Hubei Provincial Museum No. 160, East Lake Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province URL * "Egyptian collection of the Accademia dei Concordi" [working title] date: TBA Travelling exhibition of part of the ancient Egyptian collection of the Accademia dei Concordi; among the 500 artefacts are two mummies (Meryt and Baby). Earlier at the Pallazo Roncale, Rovigo (14 April 2018 - 29 July 2018; "Egitto ritrovato"); will travel to three other museums in China. [new] info: Italian press reports at URL URL URL URL +++ ==================================================================== Please send any contributions to: A. K. Eyma This list is not meant for distribution to any other public channel than the Egyptologists' Electronic Forum. It is always wise to contact the organizers of lectures e.d. for confirmation, in case of (last minute) changes. Also note that registration for conferences/symposiums often is months in advance. Students will need an I.D. to get any discounts offered. ====================================================================

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